Top 10 Legal Betting Site in India | Betchips

Top 10 Legal Betting Site in India | Betchips

Betchips is one of the top legal betting sites in India. It has all the legacy, rules, and regulations that are needed for the smooth functioning of the betting sites. The site provides you with all the information on live bets and sometimes makes your money double. Sports gambling is an extricable part of Indian culture, having been present on the subcontinent for over more than three millennia. Despite many moral and religious condemnations from political and spiritual leaders, betting sites in India is flourishing since Indians are avoiding bettors who massively enjoy wagering on sports and especially on cricket matches.

Estimates show that 48% of especially all adult males place a bet online once every month, with more than 80% of all sports bets are been placed on matches of major cricket leagues such as the IPL one.

Online Legal Betting Website for Betting

India's view towards gambling might be considered as conservative by western country standards. But, betchips have made a significant step in terms of moving towards a more liberalized licensing system from 2018, when the Law Commission of India suggested the full regulation of online gambling.

Betting in India – 5 things to know about legal betting sites in India

1. No legal action has been taken against individuals who indulge in online betting activities

2. Most credit card transactions to and from online betting sites are blocked due to security reasons

3. 80% of all online sports betting revenue is generated through cricket betting games

4. A new law was proposed in July 2019 that has yet to be put in order by voting

5. online betting is legal in the state of Sikkim since August 1, 2009

Betchips- Best Indian Legal betting website

We gathered all the information need for the beginners and experienced punters by narrowing the choice down to the ones that have high odds on cricket matches, which usually offers local bank transfer deposit and withdrawal options acceptance of the Indian rupees.

How to choose the best legal Indian betting website

If you are looking for the best online betting site in India, then you should have in mind the following criteria;


The top cricket betting sites offer 100+ markets with over more than 60 alternatives sports bets at every match played in top leagues such as IPL or CPL. Moreover, these sites have very competitive cricket odds with 95% and more payouts on pre-match and 90% to 93% and more on the in-play section. Great bonuses are also provided weekly among the various Indian sports. Betting sites for cricket has emerged as the top gambling sites that offer unique promotions on the CPL.

#Live Streaming

It is a feature that all the top betting sites should have especially in sports like cricket. Live YouTube videos constitute an integral part of a good live betting platform, as it is very important to watch the matches of the biggest competitions and tournaments like the Big Bash while placing your bets. Sports bookies such as Bet365 and 1XBet offer games on live streaming daily even through your mobile application.


Besides being convenient, betting on sports bookies allows you to fund your account by using the local currency of mass importance. This is because you don't need to convert your Indian Rupees(INR) into foreign currency. You also need not worry about the conversion fees that usually steep. International bookies such as 22Bet and LiveBid offers the rupees as a standard currency, making the whole transaction process much easier and efficient.

#Local Bank Transfer

If you are funding your account then you should always make sure that the bookie which you consider accepts local bank transfers, both for deposits and withdrawal options, through payment processors like PayTM, PhonePay, IMPS, and GooglePay. For instance, we offer bank transfer deposits via different payment processing systems.


Apart from great welcome bonuses, the top sports betting sites should provide punters with daily offers and other excellent promotions on cricket matches of major competitions like the Ashes and Marsh, One Day Cup. is the best sports site in India when it comes to Hero CPL T20 promos, as it serves.

In India, one of the legal betting sites is betchips. That is why is it considered to be the most reputable site for online sports betting. If you are serious about betting odds and would like to try your luck then just sign up and start placing your favourite multiple wagers on the bets.

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