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open easily an online betting account in india

Registration free at Betchips sports platform. Open easily an online betting account in India. It is the most popular sports betting site that offers all types of game-like - casino, cricket, tennis, basketball, horse racing, football, and many other games.

Opening an online betting account at Betchips -

First you can identified a betting site in India like - Betchips. Then you can go to your browser and type then hit enter button from your keyboard.

You can also, Click Here to visit Betchips easily online betting platform. So, let's come to know the signing process of the Betchips betting site.

There are following simple steps to sign up Betchips and open easily your account:-

Step 1.

Visit now then you can fill require data like -

          Name - Rahul Panday

          Mobile Number - +91- XXXXXXXXXX

          Email ID - [email protected]

          Password - [email protected]

Then hit Request OTP button.

Note :- Verify that you’re 18 or older

You can get one-time password and open your mobile and fill a one-time password (OTP) in the next panel of your browser. Then you can get your user ID and Password on your screen.  Congratulations! You are registered in Betchips - an online betting platform.

Step 2.

Fill your detail in login page -

          User ID - AB12345

          Password - [email protected]

Note :- Read the Betchips FAQ terms and conditions, because it is important for a new user. Users understand all of points.      

Step 3.

After completed login, you can go to your profile and edit your Betchips account info. You can also, change your password. Remember your user ID and password for the future or note down.

Step 4.

Deposit fund through PayTM, PhonePay, Google Pay, IMPS, Debit, and Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Generally, we use advanced method for security, your winnings money will be paid to using your same account like if you use PhonePay we send all of your winning money in your PhonePay account directly.

If you want to bet online at Betchips then you can deposit a minimum of 3000 Rs. It is a specific minimum amount for a betting site. So, let's come to the final point.

Steps 5.

When you deposit money in Betchips account then you start placing your bets online from your device like Mobile, Tablet or Computer. You can check how much betting value of the game. Also, track you deposit money in your Betchips account. You can withdraw your money at an any-time from any-where online.

Open Easily Betchips Betting Account :

Betchips welcome offers:-

If you start betting with us, then we offer a welcome bonus to our new user. Like free bets with 3000 Rs. If, you are selected users. All worth information you can provide if you selected then we completing your free bets.

Betchips unique features from others -

· Trustworthiness betting site in India.

· Bonuses and promotions for new users.

· Odds and betting selection options.

· Banking options like - PhonePay, PayTM, IMPS, Google Pay, NEFT, and many more.

· Customer support 24/7 with technical.

· Betchips betting apps.

· Live score and betting tips

· Final and current betting results

· Live video of different sports betting game

All in one post, I hope this blog has helped you to set up your betting account with Betchips. So, you can start right away betting site in India's no. #1 betting website.

Enjoy our online betting website Betchips now!

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Posted on 30/Jul/2020 By Admin