Most Secure Betting Platform for Placing Multiple Bets

most secure betting platform for placing multiple bets

If you are considering using more than one multiple sportsbooks to do your sports betting Betchips is the best place for you. you are in the right place, as you provide the most secure betting platform for placing multiple bets.

A review of the benefits of using multiple bets with a single platform or website. Betchips are the single platforms and provide you the best environment for placing multiple bets. we are the best online sportsbooks in the industry. This website is the most trusted space where you can do all of your sports betting.

What are Multiple Bets

A Multiple Bet is described as individual bets which combine two or more selections in a single bet.

To make the first choice in your Multiple selections simply go to the market and make a selection as if you were placing a single bet.  This selection will be added to your bet slip.

To add further selections to your Multiple, select another online bet of your choice.  Only one selection per event can be added to Multiple bets. For example, your first selection could be on a horse race and you are second on a soccer match. As you add selections to your Multiple you will see your bet grow. Betchips can support up to 15 selections in any Multiple Bet.

In order to get a quote of the payout for your Multiple, enter a stake in the bet slip for your Multiple bets of choice. The potential payout for this bet will then be displayed for you.  A full description of all the online bets available can be found below.

Once you have chosen your online Bet Type, you can enter your stake on the Bet Slip click "Place Bet". This will prompt a Bet Verification screen, verify all the needed details of your Multiple Bet are correct and click "Confirm Bet". This will open a Bet Receipt that you can keep for your personal records and for remembering.

Guide Prices

The prices displayed in the win market are a " Guide" price for building your multiple bets and not the individual accumulative odds available for the selections in question. Prior to confirming your bet, you will be shown the returns available for the Multiple that you want to place.

Pros & Cons of Multiple betting


Multiple betting is a great way to increase the live odds of a host of short-priced favorites for any market. You can mix and match online sports, include games on different days and basically, add short-priced favorites to bolster the overall pay-outs.

Sticking with pay-outs, multiple betting is probably the most lucrative type of online betting. The paydays can be large for very little outlay.


Multiple betting is actually very high risk, especially with the more online bets you keep adding to the list. Only one of those bets needs to be unsuccessful for the whole of the multiple online bets to be written off as lost. Many online bettors get carried away with the possible big payday when actually it’s very hard to string together 4, 5 or more consecutive correct results.

How to place multiple bets - Betchips

Simply choose your selections as you would for a single or double and more, and the bet slip will appear on the right-hand side of the page and will create your multiple online bets. From here, you then have the option to choose your bet type – double, treble, fourfold, Trixie and so forth – after which you will need to add your desired stake amount. Your potential winnings will appear. If you are happy with your selection click the checkbox the ‘Confirm Bets’ box and then click on ‘Place Bets'

Multiple betting is an online betting type that allows punters to place a series of bets on one betting slip. There are a few different forms of multiple (more on the latter) but the simplest is the humble accumulator or Acca. For an online accumulator bet to be successful, all the results must come in – if even one online bet fails to win then the whole bet will have lost and you will have lost your stake.

The reason multiple betting is so popular is that it allows punters to get a greater return from a series of results rather than just taking a low odds to bet on a single result. For example, rather than placing three bets at evens you place one three-fold accumulator that has live odds of 7/1.

The number of bets you can have a multiple is pretty much unlimited. The more bets you include the higher the odds are going to be, but also the less likely the bet will turn out to be a winner. Multiples can include as little as two different online bets (double) and stretch to as many as 15 or even more. Three bets for your multiple bets are known as a treble, whilst four or more bets are simply known as an accumulator. Bets may also be known as folds; so 5 bets may be known as a 5 fold, 6 bets 6 fold and so on.

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