How to Win Online Casino Long Bets?

how to win online casino long bets

If you say that a thousand is too small but, a regular casino won’t. Casino wins by probability, such as Sic Bo game, three dice, bet size, 4-10 is small, 11- 17 is big. If you bet correctly, you will win money. Sic Bo has a kind of round dice, the three dice have the same points, and the casino passes through. The probability of the round dice appearing is 2.8%, then the probability of large and small appearing is 48.6%. Casinos rely on this 2.8% probability. If the gambler you choose long casino bets 1 Dollar per round, the casino will win 2.8 Dollars for 100 rounds. With thousands of gamblers, the casino will win countless money. To prevent a unique, The money gambler made a big bet once and ran away, causing the casino to go bankrupt (such as Bill Gates's whim and betting on tens of billions just to win in casino again). The casino will set a betting cap, which is safe. Even if the gambler may be lucky to win money for a while, in the long run, he will still lose to the probability.

Introduction of the Online Casino Bets:-

In an unlimited number of casino games, the gambler will lose 2.8% of the money, which is called long-term gambling must lose. So, is there a way to win long? Of course, there is, and the method is very simple. If you win, you win 1, you win 1 Dollar. If you lose, you win 1 Dollar + 1 Dollar, which is 2 Dollar.

If we win, we still win 1 Dollar. If we lose, we lose 1 + 1 + 2 = 3 Dollar, then bet 4 Dollar in the next game. If we win, we still win 1 Dollar. After winning 1 Dollar, bet 1 Dollar again. This method is definitely a long-term casino betting because as long as you win 1 round, you will win 1 Dollar. In an infinite number of gambling, the probability of winning 1 time is 1, then using this method, 100% will win money Yes, I call this long-term betting for winning more money.

Then bet 1 Dollar in the first game, bet 2 Dollar in the losing game, and 4 Dollar in the losing game. We will find that when losing 10 games in a row, we need to bet 1024 Dollar and bet 1024 Dollar and 1 Dollar. If you win 100 Dollar and go, bet more than 100,000. Are you not afraid to lose 200,000 in the next game?

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If you lose 20 games in a row, wouldn't you bet 1 million? Bet 1 million just to win 1 Dollar? If you want to win 100 Dollar, you have to bet 100 million, not to mention that the gambler has so much capital. At this time, you have already exceeded the casino betting limit, so this method will not win money at all, let alone a long time. The bet will win, it won't be long.

So I changed the method. I used a number sequence, such as 1,1,1. Each time I added the first number and the last number in this sequence, and then bet it. Like 1,1,1, it was to bet 2 Dollar. If you win, then cross out the two numbers before and after, the sequence becomes 1. At this time, you will bet 1 Dollar. If you win, you will cross out 1. I win this sequence, and I win 3. If you lose, write the amount of money you lost at the end of the sequence. The sequence becomes 1,1,1,2. At this time, you will be charged 3 Dollar. If you lose, write 3 to the back and the sequence becomes 1. 1,1,2,3.

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This strategy is well understood. Each time you win, you cross out two numbers and lose one more number. As long as the winning rate is greater than 1/3, you can guarantee long-term gambling betting process, and the number you increase each time is not very large, even if you lose. For 10 innings, you only need to bet a few dozen Dollar.

Even if you lose 20 innings and 30 innings, you only need to bet one or two hundred Dollar. There will never be a case of spending one thousand Dollar or even one Million Dollar Winning Strategy.

So I took this method and watched it in the casino for about ten days, about one thousand rounds a day. I do not bet, I only record the result of each casino games online open. I virtual bet every time because I change the bet. Note that the result is meaningless, it is half and half anyway. I record the results in an Excel table so that there will be a curve in the table that keeps rising and falling. I make a worksheet for every 1000 innings and observe tens of thousands of innings. I find that this method is indeed a win-win situation strategy. Occasionally it will decrease slightly, but it will soon be increased. The increase rate is slow and fixed. On a large scale, that curve is like a straight line, fixed at winning money in casino game, and on average, it can win 1.1 Dollars per round.

However, there are two problems with this method. One is that the winning is not fast enough, the curve always rises slowly, and the other is that it will encounter consecutive losses. At this time, you need to raise and it will decline. So I improved the method and bet on both side's winner and loser side. Because both sides bet at the same time, when the big side loses, the small side wins.

Since the winning percentages of both sides are much greater than 1/3, the two sides will win together. If both sides bet at the same time, two will rise slowly at the same time, and the increase will increase even more. Sure enough, I did not expect. From a large perspective, the winning curve of betting and the winning curve of betting are almost the same.

If the two overlap, the overall winning curve will be steeper, that is to say The rate of earning money has really doubled. You can win twice as much money each time, which means that on average you can win about 2.2 Dollar! !! !! And when one side loses continuously and results in a decline, the other side is winning in casino, the total curve will only see the rising speed faster and the falling speed slower.

The bet required for sports betting will not be much larger, just bet 1 Dollar to bet 2 Dollar. When one side loses continuously and needs to increase the bet, the other side will win continuously. To win, you only need to bet 1 Dollar each time. That is to say, one side will always win, and not both sides will lose.

You only need to bet 1 Dollar each time. This strategy of betting in sports game on both sides is an excellent strategy. If we assume that the probability of opening big and opening small is fixed at 50%, and we fixed 1 Dollar on both sides each time, then we will never lose money.

At this time I thought, since I can bet at the same time, can I bet on both the single and the double at the same time, I tried it, and it turned out that the speed of winning money in casino game has become 4 times, but the problem comes. When I lose money, It appears that both sides lose at the same time.

Originally, there would be only one consecutive loss and the other would win consecutively. However, because the size and the single and double do not conflict, the situation of continuous loss will occur too much, and the situation is not good. So I still only bet on the size.

"Gambling is a Sequence."

But after tens of thousands of rounds of observations, I found that the biggest problem with this strategy is that you can't avoid continuous loss. If you continue to lose, the bottom of the waveform chart will be very deep. This can't be escaped.

When you do not play, continue to play another day, then the same result is still connected. You will only have one sequence in your life, and it will not be divided into many because you do not play it again. Number series, if you stop when you lose 9 times in a row, and come again the next day, the probability of losing next time is still half, there will still be 10 consecutive casino games.

I have been winning money at a fixed rate and I have never lost, but I think that I may always run into a huge losing streak, resulting in I lose, so when exactly does this losing streak occur?

So I asked a friend to write a program. The program can set the initial sequence. You can enter a sequence such as 1,2,3, and then enter the number of rounds and the number of simulations. The problem is solved. The program can be simulated once.

After the analysis of sports betting game, I found a problem. Since there are very few consecutive losses, in the millions of bets, there may be a continuous loss of 10,000 games, or a continuous loss of 100,000 games, or even a loss of 100,000 games.

Millions of games are all lost, so the calculation results are very different, but most of the results show that if you want to win a certain amount of money, the required principal is several times to ten times, or even dozens of times, so if you want to win 100 Dollar a day, you must prepare a few thousand Dollar.

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If the required principal is 10 times the profit, bring 1,000 Dollar into the casino and win when you win 100 Dollar, but when you come back tomorrow, it will be linked with yesterday's results, and will eventually be repeated indefinitely. In the casino gambling game, there is bound to be a big loss, and the principal curve will fall into a big valley, which will never be won back.

I just have to stop gambling before appears, not stop playing today and come again tomorrow, but stop forever, never play again in a lifetime, or the next result will be linked to the previous result, You will still lose, so you can only gamble once in your life!

Either stop when you win a fixed amount of money, or stop when you lose a fixed amount of money. Otherwise, since the principal required to win a fixed amount of money is many times the profit, although this method will win if you bet for a long time, you must have enough principal to "must win", but the principal is always greater than the Bullish, so it will reach 0 earlier, and the Betchips Betting Apps will come earlier.

I continue to study, when a trough appears, can I stop adding money when the total bet is greater than a certain amount, forcibly cross out the entire sequence and try again, so that I can avoid constant raises, continuous big loses, and special loses, Unfortunately, if you do not continue to raise at this time, the money you lost before will not be able to win back.

This will result in the bottom of the valley not being able to rise quickly, and you must rise slowly again. In the end, you may win, but you can only win very much. And my observation of tens of thousands of rounds, as opposed to the gambling of infinite rounds, is just fortunate that there is no huge losing streak. If you really want to gamble, bring a fixed amount of money in robo betting.

Do not bet anymore after losing, do not bet all your life, otherwise you will still lose, because probability, because all the casino betting games rounds in life are just a sequence, if there is not another day, change to a sequence.

It will run when not, any Luck is just a cloud in the face of probability. Therefore, if you lose a thousand innings, you must withdraw permanently, so that you cannot continue to lose money, or set a goal to win money.

When you win a certain number of withdrawals, do not bet for life, otherwise, you will re-output the money. Go, but the goal of winning money is determined by the principal. So in the end I finally came to the conclusion that although there is a so-called long-term gamble, you must win.

It must be long enough, and you must have enough principal to recover that losing streak, and also pray not to lose to the betting limit, otherwise Can't win back. Moreover, you can only bet once in your lifetime.


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