How to Bet on Football in India: Overall Strategy

how to bet on football in india overall strategy

Football betting is one of the most popular options to bet on in India. While it is still behind cricket in India, football (or soccer) and other many are still very popular in India. To bet on football in India we have to focus the overall following strategy.

As you’ re probably aware, Indians love to wager on sports on the internet, so it should come as no surprise European sports betting sites now offer India’s nationally televised I-League as part of their football sports betting lineups that also include English Premier League, German Bundesliga and dozens of competitions around the world. No matter if you’ 're interested in betting on domestic, regional or global football competitions, there is no shortage of places for Indians to do so online.

Best Website For Soccer Betting? - Betchips

The best football betting site for Indians is Betchips. This is for the reason that this site has massive online sports cricket and football coverage, and accepts Indian players. We gladly accept bettors from India and also accept INR directly for deposit.

While India gambling laws prohibit bookmakers from operating domestically, Betchips is both licensed and fully legal in the United Kingdom. Although ‘perhaps’ technically illegal – to the best of our knowledge, no online sports bettor has ever been arrested for wagering from the comfort of their own home using an internet connection.

What Football (Soccer) Leagues are the most popular to bet on?

There are also the two major leagues in Indian Soccer

  1. Indian Super League
  2. I-League

You can find live odds on the biggest leagues in the world of football.

  1. English Premier League (England)
  2. Spanish La Liga (Spain)
  3. German Bundesliga (Germany)
  4. Italian Serie A (Italy)

Again, you can find plenty of options in your sportsbook or sports bookmaker. So, you can wager on football league from all around the world!

Types of Football Betting


  • ·Futures

Futures betting is a long-term bet that you can make on, for example, which team will win the title at the end of the season. These types of wager will usually be available for most of the season, but you can get the best prices either before the season begins, or earlier in the campaign.

  • · Match Betting

Match betting is probably the most popular type of bet you can make in football betting. All match betting is a wager on which team will win that match. You can wager on either team to win, but you can also bet on them to draw. Football is one of the most sports in which you can bet on a draw.

  • · Props

A prop bet is a bet that might not have anything to do with the outcome of the sports game. For example, the Man Of The Match prop wager is a popular option at the sportsbooks. Here, you can wager on which player will win the Man Of The Match award. That player (although it usually does) doesn’t have to come from the winning team.

  • · Totals

Betting on totals for football matches is when the sportsbook will set a total for the number of goals being scored, and you wager on the over/under. For example, if a total is set for 2.5 goals, you will wager on whether the actual number of goals will come in either over or under the total set by the sportsbook.

Football betting Strategy

There’s a saying I’ve read on online football betting forums for years: ‘I know far more winning line shoppers than I do handicappers’. Perhaps the biggest key to winning is to always bet with the best live odds. Now a question I’m often asked is which site provides the best football odds? I actually wrote an article here on this site titled Betchips Offers the Best Football Odds, however, it’s very difficult to beat sports using just a single betting site. Odds differ from site to site, so when you bet using five sites to shop every bet – your chances of winning greatly improve.

As a final point on the topic of odds, the smaller a market is, the lower the online betting limits generally are. For this reason, I-League doesn’t have anywhere near the betting limits as Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, or German Bundesliga. If you’re a large bettor or plan to become a big one in the future, consider learning these leagues. I wrote an article on English Premier League Betting(EPL) that is certainly worth a read. EPL is hugely popular in some Indian states. Considering UK bookmakers are mostly friendly to Indians, taking an interest in their league makes sense.

Football Betting Tips

Whilst we aren’t going to give you the exact bets or everything in this article, betchips will take a look at things you need to consider before placing any online football bets. The more you can apply these tips to finding value bets of your own, the easier and more profitable your online betting experience will become.

  • ·Research

Probably the most important thing when betting on online football is doing your research. When football betting smaller leagues such as I-League, great value can be found. Again as I mentioned, the limits are smaller, but it’s a trade-off. Major leagues such as the English Premier League(EPL) and Spanish La Liga are full markets these days. It’s tough to get an edge versus the bookmaker with these. But leagues in countries where football is not the main online sport become an absolute goldmine for those who are best at doing research.

  • ·Study the form

A little like horse racing, you need to work out how the two teams you are looking to bet on have fared in the past few sports games.‘Total goals’ market If possible, read up on match reports of previous games, this may give a better insight as to how the team is playing as a whole. Just because they didn’t score or gain one week, may not mean they aren’t creating chances or future winning. Look as deep as you can into sports games to find a solid bet.

  • ·Know your markets

There are literally hundreds of markets available to wager on with each and every football match. Some are extremely obscure, but if you learn them and know what each bookmaker or sportsbooks are offering when you come to do your research then things may just jump out at you. For example, many bookmakers or sportsbooks offer comprehensive ‘Corner betting’ markets. Whether this is the total number of corners, 1st half corners, corners in a period of the game and so on. If you know these markets exist and you are reading through a match report of a game with a high number of corners, then you will instantly realize to go and see if there are any value wagers for these appropriate markets.

  • ·Avoid cup games

Well, at least look heavily into these sports games before betting. They are a chance for the lesser teams to come up against opposition to a higher standard. The larger teams and more players will more often than not field a weakened team, making the playing field much more even. It’s for this reason that you must make sure you know the starting eleven for each team before placing bets. If you are really shrewd, it can be a good hunting ground for an upset or both. But the unpredictability of games makes it a nightmare for the serious punter.

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