Are Betting Sites Illegal in India?

are betting sites illegal in india

The world is moving towards a more liberal viewpoint towards games, considering Indian gambling and online gambling laws which are either archaic or non-existent. The government hasn't put forth any dedicated gambling laws in India, and this century has hardly seen any techno-legal framework being formed. sports betting online website operates legally as it has been licensed to run all over India. In this site, you can get a huge assortment of all the reliable sports online betting games like casino, cricket, horse racing, tennis and much more. Also, it compiles an easy and fast way to withdraw and deposit your earnings by accepting all types of payment options.

The Indian government's overview of gambling or betting remains in a grey area as before. A few sports revel in complete approval from the authorities while others are completely shunned. A legal betting website requires for bet at least for 2 or 3 matches, whereas single matches are considered to be played illegally on betting sites. But our sports betting site platform offers preferred users to try their luck for sports in India. It is estimated that betchips – sports betting website compiles over 30000 daily users to bet on sports in IPL time. We also, provide you with all of the WIP betting tips, especially to our premium users.


Legal betting sites in India are many but they don't have run on the license of gambling. Illegal betting sites in the market are opened daily but of course, you can trust as it is very famous at its peak of sports betting. Millions of people make high profits from these sites and sites like never get offline as they are government licensed with proper verified documentation and location remarks. It’s always necessary to research out first and start with the initially small sum of amount for trying your luck on a new sporting betting site and also be sure that the site has legally licensed to avoid the risk of being a victim.

Remember the only rule that doesn’t change in legal or illegal sports online betting sites is that people under the age of 18 years are restricted. If you wish to place multiple bets on a sports game or make your day by trying good hands online sports betting, is the choice with variant payment options and a huge assortment of games for high betting odds.

Posted on 11/Apr/2020 By Admin