Why Greyhound racing is better than other racing?

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Origins of Greyhound racing

In greyhound racing the dogs although are somewhat abuse as is inevitable when money and gambling intervene. However, anyone who owns a racing greyhound unless is prepared to give a home to it at the end of its career. After all the enjoyment and excitement the dog has given, the least you should do is repay it with kindness and a good home.

Greyhound racing with betchips

Betchips services for greyhound racing provide secure and user-friendly online account wagering for Indian residents. All wagers placed through betchips are delivered with all winning wagers paid at full track odds. Greyhound racing has been an intrinsic part of the sports betting for almost a century, linking generations and communities across many countries. But it is not a sport that has stood still. Whether you are looking for a great night out with friends or simply enjoy watching greyhounds do what the do best, the sport has real appeal at betties.com today. Our betting options is constantly evolving and embracing development in technology to ensure the best in track preparation and safety betting.

Why Greyhound racing is better than other racing?

Everything at the dog is easier, you don’t have to suffer the traffic and palaver of a royal ascot, the wait between races is half the time and what’s more, it costs a fraction of the price to go. The greyhound racing isn’t a group of established figures, who are considered, absolutely above question. This form at greyhound dogs is far easier to understand at betchips.com rather than endless waffle you have to endure at other races. The watching is super at the most dog -tracks then half the time-wasting going to most flat race-nettings. People who bet on greyhound racing at betties go for dogs social-climbing event where anyone and play and win the race with their favourite greyhound dog.

Greyhound racing tips at betchips.com

Greyhound racing is more affordable for the masses to attend, there are few finer sights in sport than the poetry in motion of a greyhound at full speed. There are of course big money purchases like in horse racing but as was shown in 2014. The form on greyhound race card might as well be written in a different language but with our dog racing tips, we allow you a fuller understanding on how to pick winners. The greyhound racing betting tips come with full written reasoning from study to allow you to understand the thought process that goes into each selection.

Join betchips.com and be a part of our journey around the tracks and let us bring greyhound dog racing back to the popularity level that it deserves to sit at.

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