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Guess who would play in your dream team?

There's just one thing to take note of about all the players that have played right from the very beginning since 2008. So you might argue that a few players in your favourite team have either retired, are currently serving as a coach or are in their last years and not their prime. That's the reason why we take into consideration all 11 years as this will help you to see a team which has broken odds and emerged as the invincible.

Know something more about IPL

Indian premier league famously know as IPL is a league game of cricket played in INDIA as the name suggests. The first edition of the IPL was in 2008 from then it is played every year it is said to be one of the most celebrated festivals of India. There are a total of 8 teams in IPL which compete among each other for the trophy of IPL and the winning amount which will be discussed later. The format of the game is such that every team has to play two matches against every single team which means everyone plays at least 14 matches in IPL and there are a total of 56 league matches +4 playoff matches. So the teams which are at the top 4 in the point table move ahead in the tournament toward the qualifying match for the trophy and among these top 4, the top 2 teams compete with each other in the 1st qualifier match and the team which wins is directed forward the final whereas the team which losses have one more chance ahead.

The next match takes place between the team at 3rd and the 4th position and the one who loses is out of the race and the winning team has to play a match which losing team in the 1st qualifying match and the one who wins here is directed to finals and then in the final match, the one who wins the game wins the trophy.

It's all about fun, money and dream of uncapped players. Its good for all the hidden talent to showcase what they are and enjoy the glamorous and celebrity life and also they can improve cricket by playing with all the tremendous player around. Moreover, they can also improve with extraordinary facilities and can learn from there coach and support staff.

What exactly is the prediction of IPL in people

It's a wonderful thing that has happened to the world of cricket or should say the dying world of cricket before IPL came into existence. The energy and passion which the world cup or test series matches could bring is now been replace with IPL kind of matches. It hurts sometimes when people criticize it because of the limelight and the glitter it is surrounded with. It has the cheerleaders, the loud songs, people going crazy over a touchdown and many other great things. However, just like any other game IPL league has its share of players getting involved in unethical practices and teams getting banned from playing. But still, above all, it is the shortest form of the game that is most popular for shining the spotlight on the upcoming talent from various countries.

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