Future with esports in India on betchips platform

Future with esports in India on betchips platform

Esports could give bettors an interesting new option away from football, horses etc. Anything that helps to diversify our profits has got to be a good thing. At betchips we understand this and we help you to find out what exactly esports is all about. Also, we will give you an idea about how you can try and make more money from betting on esports.

How to define esports in betchips

These sports are simpler to understand than you might fear. These are the massively popular type of video gaming event. Professional gamers play against each other in a live setting. More than ten thousand spectators often turn up for the live events in stadiums while others follow the action on their screens at home. If you are into gaming it will all make sense. If you aren't, it might still sound a bit strange but you will get to know as some time passes. Esports is something that has been around for a while but it has its popularity in the last decade or so. People have been playing video games competitively from many years and some sources suggest that esports can be traced back to the early 70s. It is an improvement in technology that now made these games are so widely accessible. It is incredibly easy to follow these games live from anywhere on betchips.in platform.

A huge number of people can now watch the same game as it happens. Here, we put forward online events and tournaments that take place in different parts of the sports world. Most popular in Asia, Europe and in American continents too. China and South Korea are the main focal points in Asia. A big debate at the moment is whether these are sports or not. Some people claim that they are and others are convinced that they aren't. Millions of people are hooked on esports while others can't imagine why anyone would watch these games. It is something that will provoke a lot of discussions as it continues to grow and get media coverage.

Whatever is the situation whether you love them or hate them, esports have grounded their feet here to stay long. So let's see what else will help you to know more about them.

Indian bookies like betchips that offer to bet on esports

Betchips.in has an esports hub with a lot of information on it. The odds are presented in the normal way. To someone who follows these games or new to esports and gaming, there is always some catching up to do. Betting without researching is like choosing a football team or a horse about whom you know nothing. Here, we make you understand the basics before you do anything else. It is fair to say that esports selection is still pretty limited. The reason behind this maybe this market is still growing and bookies like betchips are still aren't completely confident for wagering on their odds.

People bet on this like on any type of sport. This means that they follow teams and track their results. In betchips.in you will find plenty of information online about previous results if you look for it. So you can place on that basis if you want to. As with other sports, this will only get you so far, as it is tough to beat the bookies at esports as it on anything else. The odds that we offer are designed to maintain our edge. You can't expect to beat us at our own game.

Future with esports on betchips platform

We are expecting more events, more players and more spectators in the next coming years. Esports participation rates have been slower to take off in India than other places. This means that it could take great strides in the next few years. Right now, there are great opportunities for making money on esports betting with us. However, this should grow more over time. You can always start to earn money off this sport once you could feel that this will turn you into a very profitable market.

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