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USA soccer usually falls under the eyes of the MLS (Major League Soccer) where professional soccer teams are divided into the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference, and Expansion categories. With lots of excitement and thrilling challenges brood over soccer in the US, online soccer betting with is on extreme coverage to kick off spectacularly. Our site offers soccer betting on almost every soccer match around the world. It’s easy to use and this is the reason that betchips have a huge number of fan followers in the US.

Live betting is a part of this site which adds a whole new spin to soccer betting online. on our site, you will find live soccer matches where you will get advantages of enticing with sign-up bonuses for new depositors and also you can choose within various poker and casinos to discover some new opportunities to earn some serious cash. considered to be the best soccer betting site in the USA


Offers to bet on various soccer leagues and live betting games is probably the most popular soccer betting site in the USA for bettors. However, the American team is beginning to reach a point where they can compete with all of the top nations. also offers to bet on the English Premier League, Italy Series, UEFA Champions leagues and many more. Not only are the numbers of actual soccer players on the rise in the USA, so too are the numbers of soccer supports and fans. In short, as if you want to make a bet on a game between Arsenal and Birmingham city, you can bet with Arsenal which can score first and at the same time bet on Robin van Persie who can score the first goal. These bets are labeled under different tabs making them very easily distinguishable increase the number of bettors wagering on these fantastic sports.

However, the American team is beginning to reach a point where they can compete with all of the top nations. Not only are the numbers of actual soccer players are on the rise in the USA, so too are the numbers of soccer supporters and fans. And as these numbers are rising, so do the numbers of bettors who are now wagering on this fantastic sport. On the other hand, live soccer betting adds a whole new element of betting as the odds which can work for or against a person can be chosen later until a bet is placed. Live soccer betting also develops more interest for eye watchers as the game is panning out alternate ways to decide what to bet on.


Signup Bonus for new users to increase your luck

Our website always welcomes new users differently by adding a 10% sign up bonus. This means that your first deposit will receive 10% of the amount added to your account in the form of a bonus. But this just a way of luring prospective users in as the bonus money cannot be cashed until you follow certain rules. Betchips rules claim that the signing bonus and the money you initially deposited can be rolled over once before any money can be cashed. If you are unable to follow these regulations, our site can take away all your bonuses including your initial amount and you would be leftover with nothing. is the best soccer betting site in the US as you can experience games happening live and make your soccer betting a lot more exciting in a lot of ways.


Money Line betting option

The easiest way to bet is through a soccer money line where you can place a wager on one of three things: one of the two participating teams as well as the possibility of a tie match. The money line is a fairly simple concept and is probably one of the most common ways to bet on soccer in the world. With soccer, in the money line, the bettor decides to wager running the risk of winning for every wagered. Although the money line is a bit different for soccer, it is a great fun way to bet because of the looming possibility of a draw.


Over/Under betting option provides you over/under bet option where a bettor is wagering his money on the number of total goals that will be scored in a game. For instance, if the soccer games come with over/under in a particular match was 1.5 goals you as a bettor have to decide whether to vote on the over, which means you can expect two goals in the game. If your two goals are achieved, that means you have successfully placed the bet. If you choose an under the option that means you are expecting no more than one solitary goal that could be scored in the entire match. Using the over/under technique you bet on the situation with lots of fun on teams to know how well the team is doing.


Proposition bets

Proposition bets exist in all forms like if the bettor can place bets on things like scoring the bet for halftime, the player scores as well the team scores first and a multitude of other possibilities also increase. Proposition bets are usually recommended for new bettors who don’t know much about soccer online betting. The fun about this type of betting is that you can bet on for the whole time until the game goes on.

All these ways of betting are the best forms to be used while you are surfing on A money line is a very simple concept of betting and as you bet more and gain more experience into the world of soccer betting, over/under betting options are more reliable and easy than making proposition bets. Though soccer betting looks a bit more tricky it is a lot easier to understand and play than what more people think about it.

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