Amazing IPL Cricket frenzy will be on soon...

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Cricket fever is sweeping the nation with the Indian Premier League(IPL) well underway and passionate fans packing the stadiums. Unfortunately for some fans, the charge of acceptance will be too high for the chance to see their favourite team's snatch victory. A recent analysis has used data to examine the average advertised within each club's and compared it to the average cost of a human ticket.

Ten years of IPL Indian liberalization

Both the IPL and the Indian economy offers the lesson that the solution to lack of liberalization is more liberalization and not nationalization. The Indian Premier League(IPL) is in its 10th season and it is hard to miss that league as it has been a success story of post-India. It was an enticing and very good way but the revenue outcomes were never guaranteed. In the end, the huge bets have mostly paid off. The Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) is much richer and the brand value of the IPL, according to the survey is around the same. More importantly, Indian cricketers have benefited the most. They have earned good money and cricket is now seen as a financially viable career. A lot of credit for the genesis of this massively successful brand is given to Lalit Modi, and justifiably so. But the unintended consequences of two landmark events of 20007 should not be discounted.

Use of intelligent ways by businesses for marketing to associate with IPL

At times, it scarcely believed that the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) is only 12-years old tournament. When compared to some of the world's biggest sporting leagues. Yet, the mega event has managed to command a humongous audience and crave a unique niche in the annual cricket calendar. The numbers back the VIVO IPL's place as a juggernaut in the cricket world. According to Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) finding post the 2019 season, the overall viewership for the tournament jumped up by 12% when compared to the previous year. As many as 462 millions viewers tuned in to catch a glimpse of their favourite cricket teams or stars. To add to that, the tournament is now broadcast in different regional languages, which has only strengthened the tournament's reach in the interiors of the country.

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