Sporting of cricket with its advantages in betting

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The first country cricket match

The first country cricket match was played on 12th May 1890. It was played on this day,130 years ago at Bristol. Yorkshire triumphed over Gloucestershire by 8 wickets. James Cranston of Gloucestershire scored the first century in the competitions history with a knock of 101 in the very same game. However, the country championship was won by Surrey Country Cricket Club. Thanks to having the two bowlers in the competition, George Lohmann and John Sharpe.

Cricket betting with betchips in India

Giving the rising popularity of cricket betting in India, it is of no surprise that punters are flocking towards the best cricket sites like ours “”. To prepare a sound cricket betting strategy and conduct due research at all times, betchips will definitely delve you into cricket by its betting tips and match predictions techniques always. India is a country of cultural diversity, with one point of unification. Cricket runs in the blood of millions of Indians, the love affair of which starts as a “Gully Cricket” obsession as a child growing up, and develops into an unparalleled passion for the game, with time. In India, millions live and breath cricket, and it is of on surprise that online cricket betting is on the rise as well.

Betchips- Best cricket betting tips and match predictions in India

Betchips, is an excellent website for both cricket betting statistics, cricket betting tips and match predictions techniques. With in-depth statics in respect to conclude ongoing and upcoming cricket matches and tournaments this site has all the latest cricket news with information of ongoing matches, recent results and upcoming matches. You can also read all match predictions and previews in it's respected sections. Overall the cricket world online wi is now one of the biggest and best business, when it comes to making a wholesome betting strategy. At betchips you can gauge cricket match forecasts, and feed on match predictions with simple and easy betting tips.

Indian betting punters are flocking to the best cricket betting sites always, and betchips is one of them to fulfill there quest of earning a quick buck. It only matters that you must perform your due diligence at all times, and place a bet only after having throughly research and its inherent possibilities. Here you can explore all you need to know about cricket betting and much more.

Authentic snooker with betchips -A true skill-based experience!

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The sport of snooker has been around for quite some time. For many, it's a fun game to be played with friends or in competitions against others. However, for others, it's an excellent sport to place a wager on. Snooker is not overly popular as a sport, chances are good that you don't understand much about the game of snooker. However, if you are planning to bet online on it with betchips it's always a great idea to learn how it functions. By doing this, you will able to make more informed decisions for your bets.

Popular snooker events which you will love to bet on

Sometimes many folks are new to real money betting on snooker and are curious about where they should begin regarding events to bet on. Let us see some ideas of snooker tournaments from around the globe, which are popular for wagers. When you log in to please take a moment to look over and see which bets might be goo for you to try your hand at betting on them. The UK snooker championship is one of the most famous snooker events. An even larger snooker tournament you might consider betting on is the World snooker championship. A smaller snooker tournament that's a great one to get betting action in on is the “Masters Tournament.” Each year,16 of the top-ranked players from around the world compete to see which one of them can best all others.

Is it so hard to get started with online snooker betting?

It is not if you are looking to start betting on snooker online, we at are always happy to report it's a very easy process. After opening your account with us the final step before you can start placing wagers is to fund your account. Once that's done, you will be ready to start betting on snooker online. In total, this entire process should take you less than 10 minutes. To some individuals, it can be advantageous to use multiple snooker betting options on our site. By doing this they are more likely to find the best odds and increase profits when you win the bets. Besides, use snooker odds that offer the ability to take advantage of more promotions when wagering online.

Betting on snooker through betchips

Betting on snooker is a surprisingly popular pastime across the world, which of course includes India too. We at betchips focus on the offerings available while playing online snooker. It is a great tool in the arsenal of many bettors due to high volume of tournaments tend to be played over there. Our betchips snooker betting guide will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about on snooker played online in India. First, it will cover how to bet real money on snooker and then it will touch on some current betting odds. Finally, we try to answer some basic questions that a lot of bettors have when they are new to snooker and tell you more about live betting options.

Snooker online is a very live straightforward game. The basic goal is to score as many points as possible by knocking balls into the pockets on the table. Each ball is colour-coded, and the colour of the ball is indicative of how many points it is worth. The game starts with 15 red balls and one of each other colour.


Why Greyhound racing is better than other racing?

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Origins of Greyhound racing

In greyhound racing the dogs although are somewhat abuse as is inevitable when money and gambling intervene. However, anyone who owns a racing greyhound unless is prepared to give a home to it at the end of its career. After all the enjoyment and excitement the dog has given, the least you should do is repay it with kindness and a good home.

Greyhound racing with betchips

Betchips services for greyhound racing provide secure and user-friendly online account wagering for Indian residents. All wagers placed through betchips are delivered with all winning wagers paid at full track odds. Greyhound racing has been an intrinsic part of the sports betting for almost a century, linking generations and communities across many countries. But it is not a sport that has stood still. Whether you are looking for a great night out with friends or simply enjoy watching greyhounds do what the do best, the sport has real appeal at today. Our betting options is constantly evolving and embracing development in technology to ensure the best in track preparation and safety betting.

Why Greyhound racing is better than other racing?

Everything at the dog is easier, you don’t have to suffer the traffic and palaver of a royal ascot, the wait between races is half the time and what’s more, it costs a fraction of the price to go. The greyhound racing isn’t a group of established figures, who are considered, absolutely above question. This form at greyhound dogs is far easier to understand at rather than endless waffle you have to endure at other races. The watching is super at the most dog -tracks then half the time-wasting going to most flat race-nettings. People who bet on greyhound racing at betties go for dogs social-climbing event where anyone and play and win the race with their favourite greyhound dog.

Greyhound racing tips at

Greyhound racing is more affordable for the masses to attend, there are few finer sights in sport than the poetry in motion of a greyhound at full speed. There are of course big money purchases like in horse racing but as was shown in 2014. The form on greyhound race card might as well be written in a different language but with our dog racing tips, we allow you a fuller understanding on how to pick winners. The greyhound racing betting tips come with full written reasoning from study to allow you to understand the thought process that goes into each selection.

Join and be a part of our journey around the tracks and let us bring greyhound dog racing back to the popularity level that it deserves to sit at.

How to Get the Most Value out of Bets on Betchips Premium sportsbook?

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Step into a world of greatest sports betting, from one of the top-leading online platforms. Here there are fantastic sports to bet on, but this is where you will find casino gameplay that is specially designed to intrigue and satisfy every player. Now at your fingertips, you can search on a wide range of games available in present markets and this is the best place where you will always want to be!

The Indian kingdom of sports betting industry has developed in the international gaming community too. The oldest sportsbook in the world began in the UK. Betchips sportsbook produces the world's most fulfilling sports betting exchange, where betting punters do not need to bet against fixed -odds, but instead wager in a betting pool. This betchips guide discusses the full Indian bookmaking market. Here we discuss the sports betting laws throughout the Indian kingdom, Our sports betting page provides recommendations for you to learn the legality of sports betting in India easily.

What more do you want from

Think about what you want from your bookmaker and read the reviews to find about betchips. Ask yourself, why would you like to open an account with us and bet with us regularly. That is the key. Here at betchips, we offer lots of options available for you to encourage you to play more and more and earn as much as you can. We are an online bookmaker that has better coverage for all sports and casino games offering a good range of markets and competitive offers for particular sports of casino games. We have also mentioned some detailed guides to help you choose a good and best betting site like us that is particularly good for outdoor sports. So if you are looking for the best online bookmakers for online sports like horse racing, cricket, soccer, tennis and so on then be sure to check out our website.

What to look in when opening a new account

Make sure that you are familiar with all the terms and conditions when you register with Here we have some selection of questions that you should consider when looking through online bookmakers like what is minimum deposit requirements and deposit methods accepted. Moreover, options for withdrawals from betting account and the minimum bet amount taken with maximum winnings allowed.

How do betchips help you…

Betchips online sports betting leads the way in delivering victories you have only ever dreamed of. Our unrivalled market delivers non-stop winning opportunities with every second that passes. From fast-paced games like cricket or soccer action and on-court tennis thrills to high -energy esports clashes, you will be so happy with what's on offer that you will start to wonder how you could ever have done your sports betting anywhere else. Here you will find the home of premier basketball, American football, cricket, baseball and many more exciting games.

With anything and everything from win or draw, match winners and first scorer bets of betchips we always try to enhance multiples and more fun and thrill, we will provide you with the competitive edge you need to win. Besides the expert selection of popular sports markets, we take online sportsbook to the next level with the widest array of other game markets too, from cricket and soccer to horse racing, greyhound racing and even table tennis.


Know how to lay betchips exchange betting at its best

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Profit in sports trading using various insights

You can be profitable if you add statistical analysis, beat losses from at least last five matches played as public opinion must be influenced by this and by your favourite teams if you combine their analyzes you can easily gain profit. But you should also have a good sense of how the crowd would react with the odds which are high or low recommended for not to giving money for paid courses that would teach you how to trade people. There are different ways to place wagers within different online sports both individually and geographically.

You can have multiple different bets on your betting ticket. If you find that one or more of the wagers on your betting ticket is not what you want, simply cancel and the wagers will be dropped from your betting at Once you are completely satisfied with all the wagers you have made through our site, submit it and get it confirmed.

Do you like betchips sportsbook or exchange betting more?

Yes, although there are many having a betting exchange across the world, maximum of them aren't to be Indian gamers. Unfortunately, very less other websites do now no longer take deliver of Indian betting punters. There is likewise a wager alternate at, where we accept Indian bettors more for the great betting outcome. With multiple wager exchanges which can be opened for Indian gamers, we are pleased to discover a good betting exchange only for Indian betting lovers.

When you bet on the sportsbook you are betting against bookmaker rather than other customers. The odds are generally higher for betting exchange, but unlike the sportsbook, when you place bets on betting exchange, you will need to pay commission on your winnings. Betchips delivers a very straight forward, betting exchange experience, thus it is easy to use with its clear layout. We not only provide exchange betting for sports but also provide for the slot, live casino and more.

Get to know why betchips build sports exchange

At betchips, betting exchange represents a more modern approach to betting. It is similar to stock exchanges where the match buyers with sellers come in competition against each other. With betchips betting exchanges, traders can accept the odds available on a particular game, but can also set their odds if they don't like what they see. So, naturally with more freedom comes more responsibility, betting exchange seems intimidating at first, but users have greater control over their betting experience.As you can set your odds, betting exchanges can be traded similarly to stock exchanges. At now you can place bets on both outcomes of an event and have a setback and guarantee for getting a profit out of it.

Betting exchanges at betchips is directly matching you up with users who want to take the opposite side of your bet, that offers significantly better odds than regular sportsbooks. Of Course, the exchange has to make their money too, which comes in the form of hefty commissions on winning bets. In any case, the benefit of exchange usually outweighs the downsides, especially when you consider the possibility to lay and even trade bets.

Celebrate the grand welcome of this year's IPL with betchips

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Indian Premier League is just a grand celebration in India, it is like a festival of happiness and joy which brings families and friends together. The 13th edition of the Indian Primer T20 League (IPL) will be held between 19 September 2020 to 8 November 2020 in UAE this year. The 2020 IPL is going to be played against the backdrop of a pandemic that has ravaged the world. Data updated by the WORLD Health Organization(WHO) as on August 14 showed that globally there have been 20, 687,815 confirmed Covid-19 cases, including 75,400 deaths. With more than 2,461,190 confirmed cases and around  48 thousand deaths, India is ranked third in the WHO list. Staging the IPL in India this year was never a possibility. The board of control for cricket in India(BCCI) decided to shift it out to UAE, a country that has significantly flattened the COVID curve.

Little known facts about IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 season faces uncertainty amid the coronavirus pandemic. Tendulkar and Kohli only Indians to win MVP awards and Kohli has been part of three double century stands RCB. Harbhajan has registered these unwanted records Sangakkara and ABD hold these unique records. In 12 years of IPL and only two Indian players have so far won the most valuable player award. Former MI maestro Sachin Tendulkar was the first one to win the award in this category in the 2010 IPL season. He scored 618 runs that season. Virat Kohli was the second to do it in the eighth IPL season. Kohli scored 973 runs for RCB.

IPL, a great cricket enthusiast's league from betchips

While cricket enthusiasts countrywide hope to see a bigger and better 13th Indian Premier League, so do betchips has brought out lots of betting excitement in it. From latest odds to easiest match predictions betchips has covered all most all of betting options for these versatile cricket league. As the novel coronavirus strikes hard in the country and world over, governments are taking stringent measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. In such a situation we have taken a major step to set you back at your comfort zone either from home or anywhere online, and bring you, your favourite legendary teams playing for their victory. With only a little time left for the 13 edition of IPL, cricket fans all around the world have started to get excited for what is perhaps the biggest annual cricket festival. But as fantasy cricket has started to provide fans with intimate participation on the games in recent years, betchips with its betting terminology is contributing a huge portion of the ongoing excitement. Both cricket pundits and faithful fans have come up with their own IPL predictions and find themselves to be a part of this ongoing pleasure.

Guess ! what betchips IPL betting is bringing for you?…

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Now predicting the winner of the IPL is as easy deciding your favourite team of IPL with betchips. Indian Premier League (IPL) is in sharp contrast to global facts and trends. Cricket until recently was a sport popular in Commonwealth countries. Therefore less than a dozen countries had national or international level cricket teams for IPL cricket league. Out of these, India is the only country where cricket rules the hearts of almost every countryman. Most Indians do not play cricket. Once a child comes out of school or college, he or she would not know when his bat and the rest of the cricket kit has become his or her choice. Even those adults who are passionate about sports and serious about fitness prefer cricket to be the best option for their requirements.

Startup with your favourite IPL, with betchips

Sign up betchips. com as it is a great choice for sports, casino and lots of virtual games. Here you will find cricket betting options with best match odds available from around the world, including the Indian premier league IPL, international T20s and much more. Betchips is also a highly trusted site that accepts Indian rupees. Though the cricket fans and the high sporty lovers are the co-called recognition of IPL brands, sponsors, celebrities, glamorous personalities and cheer girls, we too are the other way through which the league is been recalled by the people. Apart from betting the financial prospective involve in the organization and implementation of IPL seasons serve profitability to many other related fields.

The popularity of IPL online cricket betting with betchips

IPL online cricket betting with betchips is one of the popular activities for players from Indian along with players who are participating from different other countries. The process of wagering on IPL cricket odds tends to make a safe and secure option for people in India and conjointly gives you the ability to bet on cricket. Millions of bettors from India bet in the IPL safely every season through us. Indian sports fan followers are extremely crazy about their cricket fever with the IPL being the most popular league within the world, thus this is the main cricket betting focus throughout the domestic season.

The trend of sports betting is booming the market at a thriving rate. Betchips sports betting software is the best platform where businesspersons, investors invest their money to add up more to their revenue because it is worth money-making. So if you are having an idea to wager on your sports betting application then you too have come to the right place.

Some secrets of IPL that you would love to know

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Guess who would play in your dream team?

There's just one thing to take note of about all the players that have played right from the very beginning since 2008. So you might argue that a few players in your favourite team have either retired, are currently serving as a coach or are in their last years and not their prime. That's the reason why we take into consideration all 11 years as this will help you to see a team which has broken odds and emerged as the invincible.

Know something more about IPL

Indian premier league famously know as IPL is a league game of cricket played in INDIA as the name suggests. The first edition of the IPL was in 2008 from then it is played every year it is said to be one of the most celebrated festivals of India. There are a total of 8 teams in IPL which compete among each other for the trophy of IPL and the winning amount which will be discussed later. The format of the game is such that every team has to play two matches against every single team which means everyone plays at least 14 matches in IPL and there are a total of 56 league matches +4 playoff matches. So the teams which are at the top 4 in the point table move ahead in the tournament toward the qualifying match for the trophy and among these top 4, the top 2 teams compete with each other in the 1st qualifier match and the team which wins is directed forward the final whereas the team which losses have one more chance ahead.

The next match takes place between the team at 3rd and the 4th position and the one who loses is out of the race and the winning team has to play a match which losing team in the 1st qualifying match and the one who wins here is directed to finals and then in the final match, the one who wins the game wins the trophy.

It's all about fun, money and dream of uncapped players. Its good for all the hidden talent to showcase what they are and enjoy the glamorous and celebrity life and also they can improve cricket by playing with all the tremendous player around. Moreover, they can also improve with extraordinary facilities and can learn from there coach and support staff.

What exactly is the prediction of IPL in people

It's a wonderful thing that has happened to the world of cricket or should say the dying world of cricket before IPL came into existence. The energy and passion which the world cup or test series matches could bring is now been replace with IPL kind of matches. It hurts sometimes when people criticize it because of the limelight and the glitter it is surrounded with. It has the cheerleaders, the loud songs, people going crazy over a touchdown and many other great things. However, just like any other game IPL league has its share of players getting involved in unethical practices and teams getting banned from playing. But still, above all, it is the shortest form of the game that is most popular for shining the spotlight on the upcoming talent from various countries.

Amazing IPL Cricket frenzy will be on soon...

By Admin 05/Aug/2020

Cricket fever is sweeping the nation with the Indian Premier League(IPL) well underway and passionate fans packing the stadiums. Unfortunately for some fans, the charge of acceptance will be too high for the chance to see their favourite team's snatch victory. A recent analysis has used data to examine the average advertised within each club's and compared it to the average cost of a human ticket.

Ten years of IPL Indian liberalization

Both the IPL and the Indian economy offers the lesson that the solution to lack of liberalization is more liberalization and not nationalization. The Indian Premier League(IPL) is in its 10th season and it is hard to miss that league as it has been a success story of post-India. It was an enticing and very good way but the revenue outcomes were never guaranteed. In the end, the huge bets have mostly paid off. The Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) is much richer and the brand value of the IPL, according to the survey is around the same. More importantly, Indian cricketers have benefited the most. They have earned good money and cricket is now seen as a financially viable career. A lot of credit for the genesis of this massively successful brand is given to Lalit Modi, and justifiably so. But the unintended consequences of two landmark events of 20007 should not be discounted.

Use of intelligent ways by businesses for marketing to associate with IPL

At times, it scarcely believed that the VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL) is only 12-years old tournament. When compared to some of the world's biggest sporting leagues. Yet, the mega event has managed to command a humongous audience and crave a unique niche in the annual cricket calendar. The numbers back the VIVO IPL's place as a juggernaut in the cricket world. According to Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) finding post the 2019 season, the overall viewership for the tournament jumped up by 12% when compared to the previous year. As many as 462 millions viewers tuned in to catch a glimpse of their favourite cricket teams or stars. To add to that, the tournament is now broadcast in different regional languages, which has only strengthened the tournament's reach in the interiors of the country.

Indian Premier League (IPL) live betting at betchips

At betchips, remember don't forget that all IPL can be bet on in running. As stated earlier, the liquidity on the betting exchanged is excellent, which makes for plenty of opportunities for trading cricket especially IPL on betchips. All in all, there are so many IPL betting opportunities available, the number of matches and markets for punters to choose from are second to none. Here there are more cricket options at the IPL than any other cricket event. If picking a winner for the 2020 IPL is a tough choice, the best place to bet on the IPL is a much easier one. At betchips, you have a betting company who ticks all the boxes that an Indian customer would want ticking. Our motive is to give you an unforgettable best IPL 2020 betting experience.

Here you get high competitive odds which means that every time you have a winner, you will receive more cash than you would at other betting companies that offer less favourable IPL odds. Just as important as the knowledge so is your money and personal details which are as safe as possible with us. So lets thanks to the most modern technology as no-one will have access to your account that gives you more secure and great IPL betting experience.

Is Betchips one of the top 10 binary trading platforms in India?

By Admin 04/Aug/2020

Binary options are not considered to be betting simply because there are regularities one can exploit on order to make money. These regularities are known as chart patterns and are used all around the globe. We should also be aware of the best time to trade binary options in India by investment bank employees who run the trading desk. Firstly what is betting? As the name makes clear, this is mainly entertainment, a pastime practiced to spend good times. At betchips, sportsbook it certainly not mean to make money only but the players should use their money that they are going to win or lose to the extent that success is mainly due to chance. Here, Betchips takes care that each sport or game should not be emphasized on any user to become addictive in the extreme.

Difference between Sports Betting and Binary Trading at Betchips

Many years back, when trading on the stock market was the preserve specialists in the marketing field, it justified different degree in finance. Towards 2008, the online trading(including binary options) is democratized and many individuals are also getting wrong thinking that this et another activity that could be classified in the same category as gambling. This is a very wrong conception of binary options. So what is the exact difference between gambling and binary options? Between games of chance played online at betchips and binary trading used in this site there is no required knowledge or special skills to be the part of this entertainment. Besides, mainly it is playing to have fun and enjoyment with your favourite sports. Many of our users are attracted only by the jackpots that dangle some games such as roulette, dice games slot machines and many more, however, the winners are rare. Returning to binary trading in our site there is no jackpot that we can dangle by any chance. To improve the chances of winning or gaining at binary trading India, users should conduct proper analyzes and observations. It is essential to adopt a through implementation strategy.

Here at betchips, one of the top 10 binary betting platforms, also find certain so-called games or sports online which involves tactics, as is the case of poker or blackjack. So it is with binary options as it should be successful with your hard-working and not particularly relying on chance alone.

Learn about binary trading India from Betchips, sports betting

Binary trading in betchips is just a simple form of betting online on your desired sports by adjusting in such a way that you lose money faster than you would at a casino. Suppose you had Rs. 3000/- to bet on binary option and Rs.3000 /-to bet on “reo” at the roulette table. Betting Rs.1000/- at a time, you would run out of money in your binary options account before you ran out of money at the roulette table. The main difference here is your opinion, is that what the casino wants you to have fun losing your money so that you keep coming back to lose more. It's been observed in the binary betting form that binary options broker must assume that you won't come back after you lose your money, so naturally, the sportsbook will try to get you to deposit as much as possible, so you can lose it quickly and again be on your way.


Here at Betchips, we lovee all things betting, out site brings to you all the information you need from betting options and customer service to promotion and security. A great binary options investor never assumes that he or she will win simply by picking the right direction of movement for the binary trade.

Why betchips is rated in the top sportsbook of 2020? - Betchips

By Admin 01/Aug/2020

If you are hunting for the latest betting action on a specific sport, then “betchips” is one of the most recommended websites we would like you to click on. This site offers the most superior action in real-time scenarios of various online live sports and casino games. In case, if you just want to have some kicks and giggles grab with all-inclusive betting features of our site, we have this platform. Awesome! if not, you just want to look and watch some multiple sports live-action in real-time then here you can get the best action and line of tips and guidance for the sports you are interested in.

Additional sports, leagues or events introduced at betchips

We don't want to make it sound like any sports or casino games are of less importance by putting them in the only superior sports category. Here, at betchips, you can just make a killing off any of sports and online games as per your choice. It all comes down to finding an appropriate value and picking winners. But that all begins with finding the right online sportsbook like betchips, which offers every gaming action that you want. If you are ready to get started, just a small click at your desired sport, and there you are all set to see the top picks of sports to embrace and take it as a win.

Sports bettor also appreciate if they get the opportunity to choose from several betting market odds on each game. Some betting sites simply offer the classic money-line, spread and total's options but nowadays many top sports betting sites like betchips, gives alternate lines and all manner of props, including player props, games and exotic props. When it comes to a big game, you can bet on here on any event like rebounds, blocks, field goals, player points scored, turnovers and so on.

Sleek mobile interface for any of your favourite game

Today, most people like betting on sports from a mobile device due to the speed, ease and convenience it tends to offer. Betchips is also such a gaming platform where you can place a bet from the comfort of your own home and while on the go. The best online betting site, betchips has mobile-optimized or high-quality app configuration that makes the mobile betting experience as seamless and painless as possible for its users. So as you should get your bet on quickly, with minimal fuss. You should also be happy to find live leagues, games and betting market odds intuitively is always our priority, to give you more than what you deserve. We always want that our site should look good on a mobile device and clutter should be minimized. We test every sport on our site that you can see on your mobile on iOS and Android across multiple devices before arriving at the conclusion.

Standards of to fulfill all the requirements of our beloved customers

Modern life is busy enough without having to trawl through hundreds of betting site to find the perfect one, so we have done your homework, we allow you to focus on the important business of picking winners and having fun. We maintain high standards when it comes to monitoring the various online sports and casino games.

Make sure that you avoid the untrustworthy betting sites that hold low ratings and use a site like ours, to find safe, reliable online sports betting operator. We have signed up option for all your accounts, a place to make a proper deposit and withdraws, place bets and check to ensure that if your spent hours for navigation on our site, it should run smoothly across a range of devices. If you're looking for full-on entertainment with simultaneous betting enjoyment, join betchips -the best sporting online site as it gives you more and more opportunities for the revenue streams that are about to start pouring in.

A complete sports betting package of entertainment - Betchips

By Admin 21/Jul/2020

The ups and downs in sports betting

If you have a healthy love for sports betting online, betchips is the perfect place for you to adore. It's just another trend in the growth of online facilities. A few thousand years ago, since humans started to form more complex societies, sports betting has taken its place as one of the main human vices. It is incredible to find that some form of gambling was present almost everywhere on the globe and that this activity has been present for ages.

Nowadays online betting on sports is not different as it represents a huge global business and is quickly spreading its wings across the whole nation with its supporters all over. A lot of people at betchips avoid the negative social reputation or the pressure of live games, turning to online betting as their favourite. The usual centralized system of sports betting present huge problems insecurity, lack transparency. This is where comes in, launching a public blockchain with a set of protocols that will provide a decentralized, transparent, low-cost and secure betting experience. Betchips aims to deliver a premium betting experience across countless games.

Highlighting the distinct features of gaming at betchips

Horse betting, sports betting, casino games, digital games etc are the various forms where you can entertain yourself with betting. Here, at betchips, we guarantee the fairness and transparency of the whole system through the open-source underlying framework, system framework and game contracts, data and settlement information in the game process. Betchips work together with these protocols, helping to provide the user with a safe, seamless and smooth experience while playing all the games they wish to play. Our platform includes separate software which is dedicated to digital games and casino games which is configured for the real-time experience results such as sports quizzes.

Most secured online betting app in india

By Admin 16/Jul/2020

All that the user can essentially do at a time is just place a bet using a betting app. To get access to different operations and functions, the user needed to go to the main betting site. At we have the advent of various latest technologies, the sports betting app that is evolved and features a wide range of rich functions that can satisfy each customer. This means that it is the best time to know more about sports betting development. Using bettors or gamblers' experience from all over the world, we have developed our app which makes sports betting easier than ever. It's literally about a few clicks and taps. Imagine the scenario when you have just realized that you forgot to put a bet on one of your favorite teams and the match is about to begin, but you have no access to any mortar booking agent or bookmaker nor access to laptop or desktop. In that case with betchips app with a few taps over your smartphone, you are all set to cheer for your favourite team and placing bets too.

Features of Betchips betting app

Features of betchips betting apps are divided into two distinct groups for an owner and a user of the app. In honest terms, there are certainly a lot of features for the end-user. The owner just gets in the profit actually in the form of a percentage from each bet or each win. Whereas, a user gets to place a bet, watch the game and go through news and statistics, also communicate with other users, and much more. More underlined benefits of our app are its integrated payment system, collecting odds from different sources, betting trends and sports news, live gaming, notifications pop-ups, and user community.

Betting trends and it's growth

It's nowhere a surprise that whenever you are researching how to use a betting app, you can easily select any event or match to bet utilizing your app. It's quite crucial that in betchips the users know the most popular trends for a particular bet. For them in some cases, it is best to go with the popular vote to ensure winning. Also, betchips betting apps can easily show you the total potential amount of money that you can if the user bet against the existing popular vote.

Our betting app should allow the users to share comments, photos, reviews of any match, or even popular bet. It also allows the user to get more interactive with the app that they use. Few clients spend more time on our app communicating about their teams and players with other rather than any social media app.

Future with esports in India on betchips platform

By Admin 14/Jul/2020

Esports could give bettors an interesting new option away from football, horses etc. Anything that helps to diversify our profits has got to be a good thing. At betchips we understand this and we help you to find out what exactly esports is all about. Also, we will give you an idea about how you can try and make more money from betting on esports.

How to define esports in betchips

These sports are simpler to understand than you might fear. These are the massively popular type of video gaming event. Professional gamers play against each other in a live setting. More than ten thousand spectators often turn up for the live events in stadiums while others follow the action on their screens at home. If you are into gaming it will all make sense. If you aren't, it might still sound a bit strange but you will get to know as some time passes. Esports is something that has been around for a while but it has its popularity in the last decade or so. People have been playing video games competitively from many years and some sources suggest that esports can be traced back to the early 70s. It is an improvement in technology that now made these games are so widely accessible. It is incredibly easy to follow these games live from anywhere on platform.

A huge number of people can now watch the same game as it happens. Here, we put forward online events and tournaments that take place in different parts of the sports world. Most popular in Asia, Europe and in American continents too. China and South Korea are the main focal points in Asia. A big debate at the moment is whether these are sports or not. Some people claim that they are and others are convinced that they aren't. Millions of people are hooked on esports while others can't imagine why anyone would watch these games. It is something that will provoke a lot of discussions as it continues to grow and get media coverage.

Whatever is the situation whether you love them or hate them, esports have grounded their feet here to stay long. So let's see what else will help you to know more about them.

Indian bookies like betchips that offer to bet on esports has an esports hub with a lot of information on it. The odds are presented in the normal way. To someone who follows these games or new to esports and gaming, there is always some catching up to do. Betting without researching is like choosing a football team or a horse about whom you know nothing. Here, we make you understand the basics before you do anything else. It is fair to say that esports selection is still pretty limited. The reason behind this maybe this market is still growing and bookies like betchips are still aren't completely confident for wagering on their odds.

People bet on this like on any type of sport. This means that they follow teams and track their results. In you will find plenty of information online about previous results if you look for it. So you can place on that basis if you want to. As with other sports, this will only get you so far, as it is tough to beat the bookies at esports as it on anything else. The odds that we offer are designed to maintain our edge. You can't expect to beat us at our own game.

Future with esports on betchips platform

We are expecting more events, more players and more spectators in the next coming years. Esports participation rates have been slower to take off in India than other places. This means that it could take great strides in the next few years. Right now, there are great opportunities for making money on esports betting with us. However, this should grow more over time. You can always start to earn money off this sport once you could feel that this will turn you into a very profitable market.

Cricket one of the greatest form of betting with Betchips

By Admin 14/Jul/2020

With its root dating back in England, cricket is one of the oldest sports out everywhere. If you are a fan of the sport like cricket and you are looking to learn more about betting in India, then betchips is the best place to go for it. Here, at betchips, our motive is to guide those who are cricket betting enthusiasts and help them to reach a higher level of cricket betting.

At betchips, you will find a complete guide of cricket betting, and also we will equip you with all of the knowledge that you need on a particular subject regarding betting. No matter, if you are new to betting on cricket or a seasoned customer, we always have some information to help you learn more., the trusted site where you can place cricket wagers

So are you ready to get to betting instantly? If so, we are here to get you prepared. We will assist you with all of the research and knowledge of different odds so that you can get right to the action. Our website is the best sports betting sites among others with reliable and trusted tags where you can place your cricket wagers. Whenever you are comfortable and ready to begin wagers online, you can just log in to betchips, your own betting home.

Betchips cricket betting online strategies

Whether you are new to betting on cricket or if you are a seasoned veteran with many years we have developed solely an entire guide for cricket online betting. Here you can learn and brush up on stuff that you might have already known or wants to know about it. Betting on cricket on betchips platform is a fantastic way to help you get even more into one of your favourite sports. Though you are new to the betting world, you can start with wagering smaller amounts of money on some of the odds. As you will gain a higher comfort level, you can easily dabble with some of the more difficult bets for greater understanding of cricket betting.

The overall cricket world is one of the best worlds for playing when it comes to making a wholesome betting strategy. Now at betchips, you can gauge cricket statics online, feed on match predictions, and betting tips, all at the same site.

Importance of choosing a casino games Online | Betchips

By Admin 14/Jul/2020

The advisable thing to know before you start playing casino games

Before you start playing in the best casino online you need to understand good luck will not always be on your side. The probability of losing is much less than winning on betchips platform as betting here is an entertainment source and not an income source. Remember! You should always be prepared to lose everything to the penny. Therefore, select the amount, losing which will keep you afloat, if luck smiles at you and you win stop as soon as your jackpot exceeds the money you have spent.

Be cautious while choosing the best casino games at betchips

In betchips, you can always play the best casino games online with a good reputation and licensed security. Before placing a bet, be sure to check the blacklists in case the chosen casino has a bad reputation, but be tension free as we bring to you the world's best casino games with legal authorization with a security guarantee.

Various gaming slots played at online casino games

Many top payline slots in the ranking of popularity exist in several types of casino games at betchips platform in which classic has three reels and one payline and they can copy real slots, special characters and connect to a progressive jackpot. Multi-reel and multilinear slots have more than one payline with bonuses, a progressive jackpot, special symbols, and a certain them. Apart from this progressive, slot machines with improved graphics and slots that provide the opportunity to fix the position on one of the reels paylines make the games more interesting and dynamic. These slots help to create the illusion of the gameplay. I-slots are thematic slots where the plot is the animated cutscenes.

Payout tables in Casino games online

Most slots and casino games played at betchips have a payout table in casino online games where you will see how much you will able to win in one game or another. In pay tables here there may be regular and extra pay schemes and the slots where there is the possibility of several winning lines appears during one rotation of the reels. These schemes show how price increases.

As you can see, choosing a casino game is quite simple at betchips, but you should try not to skip a single point, otherwise, you can lose your money without even playing on your favorite casino games.


Betchips: Top online betting tips for Bettor

By Admin 14/Jul/2020

Imagine a game which has produced some of the most well-known and famous sports people all the world. offer their customers an opportunity to bet on their favorite team and other teams as well across a wide range of tournaments, matches, champions league and much more. Online betting sports involved many internal and external factors to be considered, and lastly, the players in the team are ultimately the deciding factor in a win or a loss. Your always welcome to bet on your favorite sports from Our experts will help you win your bets by analyzing all aspects of the games from squads, a venue to team statistics and betting odds.

Basic tips to move on your predictions

We help with our squad analysis which gives an insight into which player are likely to be the top performers for the side in the match. Along with this we show you the betting odds offered for a player to be the top team and which the bookmakers consider favorite. This gives you an idea of the betting market before you decide to place your bet.

Our in-play allows punter to place bets while a match or event is happening. This means you can react to events as they happen be it via live streaming or live statistics and updates. Only you will need to use intuition and get a feeling of the way a game seems to be going.

Apart from making good predictions for and reactions to what's happening on the pitch or table, there are strategies for making money. take care that all selections must win for the bet to be successful. Returns are calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds, then multiplying the total return by second set of odds, and so on.

It's not too difficult to win a few wagers when betting on sports. However there's a big difference between winning a few wagers and winning often enough to actually make a profit. Remember only a small percentage of sports bettors are profitable in the long run.

Our most important suggestion to all of our beloved players who are betting through our site is placing a few well though out wagers will almost certainly give better results than just randomly betting on anything. The bottom line of all this is that what you bet on is not as important as why you bet.

It's not that important that how much money you have, or what your short term and long term goals are. Remember, losing money is a far more likely outcome than winning money. You always  need to decide how much money you are prepared to put at risk. Just make sure that your budget is set at an affordable amount and determined to stick to it.

Betting online is without a doubt the easiest and most convenient way to place sports wagers. recommendations has proved to be completely trustworthy and they all provide an excellent service from sining up to winning the game.




A guide to sports betting 2020 | Betchips

By Admin 03/Apr/2020

Sports betting online on just got a lot more fun and profitable. Betchips come with a great advantage of sports betting online which you can do it any time. If you want to know how to do sports betting online successfully, then just follow the correct steps which are much easier to make more and more money as a gambler or sports betting freak.

features of online sports betting

We are now offering a sportsbook that defines an action with hands-on money and lots of enjoyment. There are several different ways to place wagers on sporting. events or matches. Here you can easily get a face-to-face transaction and if you are lucky enough to win you can walk out of the casino with a large wad of cash. Since the development of the internet, the economies of running this through a system have incredibly become popular. It means the cost is lower for the sportsbook so that you can comfortably research, find good odds or sites and make you bet successful. The most trustworthy and reputed online sportsbook is getting its roots grounded in the gambling world now.

Is betting online sport a good way?

Are you looking for a site which will help you to earn a handsome of wagers or just want to spend some time with your games, betchips have all the options you desire. Perhaps if you are more interested in what comps offer or concerned with what different sports that they cover, then our website is just right for you. It’s the perfect place for you to bet. However, there are a few things that you will like to know no matter what other features interest you.

Wide range of betting opportunities and events covered under one place

A good sports betting site covers a large range of events to bet on and a good resource of the popular types of bets such as reverse bets, teasers except, straight wagers and much more.

Excellent odds and incentives

There are numerous odds that you will be offered with the best sports betting online site. You can always look around for the best odds for each bet that you would like to place as your luck. Moreover, certain incentives include recurring on as a bonus for each monthly despite or a bonus when you sign up for the first time with the site. These bonuses will work as an incentive for you to always increase your bankroll.

Special Option for betting resources

We put a lot of effort into deciding which sites are worthy of our recommendation. Always look at a site that tries you to place bets which allows you to browse forum boards and bet with each other. Also, to make your betting profitable you need access to the correct information. always check out to find out if a site offers you a free newsletter or which points you to a good related sports betting site.

Multiple transaction options and good, easily accessible website layout

Remember, a good betting online site will welcome you with various banking or transaction options for your convenience. Hence, the site that looks apart from other betting sites will put together quickly all the required options of games and other options easily and helpfully.

Placing right bets and funding your accounts

One of the easiest ways to get money in your account is by the usage of Western Union or Monogram. Another simplest method of deposit is using VISA cards, in some circumstances, using a credit card is better than western union and money gram as the minimum deposit is much lower and the sites don’t charge fees. once your e-wallet is filled you can search out your favourite, passionate game and bet on it easily. Make your gambling experience more exciting and also increase your knowledge of the teams, giving you a better chance of making more profit.

Our website “” guidelines and tips will help you to discover various forums and noticing wagering strategies. This is the reason that many of our beloved customers have been our very old customers. All these things and much more, among others determine that our website is always the right choice for you.

Betchips : The Best Sports Betting Site In The World

By Admin 03/Apr/2020

It’s been observed that the digital revolution is in full swing and the ease of government regulations on gambling, the sports betting enterprises is undergoing a dynamic transformation over the last decade. Consequently, the revenues of many leading sports betting are also significantly growing. is an official website with an international prestigious best sports betting options to select from. It has always been to the most welcoming sports betting platform across the world, contributing immense potential for both bettors and sportsbooks.

Significance of Betchips to become the best sports betting site

The global sports betting sectors occupy the major market share in the overall online gambling industry. has able to account for more than 40% of the worldwide gambling revenue generation because of its strong economic strength, a high degree of credibility, global players' trust, personalized services and so on. Now, with the advancement of technology, especially the development of the network, playful friends through online sports betting betties has developed its name in the gambling world.

Improvement in online betting with Betchips

A lot of people choose the numbers of gambling games randomly or when they are in dilute situations during work, stress or tension. Our online site has become more relaxed now, as betting online has become the most benefited gambling entertainment site for enthusiasts. Let's find out what are the advantages of online sports betting.


Credibility and customer management system

Credibility can be said to be a very important factor as a lot of players selects high credibility for betting at a risk. The biggest blessing is that now bet chips network has gained a good reputation and people’s attention making it the world’s best sports betting site ever. Its overall factors that contribute to its popularity include customer, an account number, password security and a network of bets that is accessible on all live games for your enjoyment and fun.


Preferential policies and adherence to industry standards

Preferential policies of bet chips online sports betting are very powerful as it is worth mentioning sites where the policies such as rebate and easy to optimize options are very good and safe. Our sites follow very strict industry standards as in the gaming industry and only comply with these standards to let your gaming experience be safe and enjoyable.


Best betting analysis and options sports betting site which has a long course development with a more experienced and very sound management system that is professional and has a good market sense. It also has a competent data analysis capabilities that make it the best choice for everyone. There are various game options provided by our site including cricket, soccer, tennis and live gaming. We give you the guarantee that you won't miss the exciting sports events and happiness brought to you by the sports gambling.


Our site has very high security as all sporting events analytical data are sent through an encrypted mode to prevent them from news leaks. Moreover, site transfer speed is very fast which makes it the most convenient sports betting site with a high degree of credibility. So if you are a sport or live betting game bonkers, bet in many ways is the ultimate place to gamble online.

Betchips: Best Soccer Betting Site in the USA

By Admin 06/Apr/2020

USA soccer usually falls under the eyes of the MLS (Major League Soccer) where professional soccer teams are divided into the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference, and Expansion categories. With lots of excitement and thrilling challenges brood over soccer in the US, online soccer betting with is on extreme coverage to kick off spectacularly. Our site offers soccer betting on almost every soccer match around the world. It’s easy to use and this is the reason that betchips have a huge number of fan followers in the US.

Live betting is a part of this site which adds a whole new spin to soccer betting online. on our site, you will find live soccer matches where you will get advantages of enticing with sign-up bonuses for new depositors and also you can choose within various poker and casinos to discover some new opportunities to earn some serious cash. considered to be the best soccer betting site in the USA


Offers to bet on various soccer leagues and live betting games is probably the most popular soccer betting site in the USA for bettors. However, the American team is beginning to reach a point where they can compete with all of the top nations. also offers to bet on the English Premier League, Italy Series, UEFA Champions leagues and many more. Not only are the numbers of actual soccer players on the rise in the USA, so too are the numbers of soccer supports and fans. In short, as if you want to make a bet on a game between Arsenal and Birmingham city, you can bet with Arsenal which can score first and at the same time bet on Robin van Persie who can score the first goal. These bets are labeled under different tabs making them very easily distinguishable increase the number of bettors wagering on these fantastic sports.

However, the American team is beginning to reach a point where they can compete with all of the top nations. Not only are the numbers of actual soccer players are on the rise in the USA, so too are the numbers of soccer supporters and fans. And as these numbers are rising, so do the numbers of bettors who are now wagering on this fantastic sport. On the other hand, live soccer betting adds a whole new element of betting as the odds which can work for or against a person can be chosen later until a bet is placed. Live soccer betting also develops more interest for eye watchers as the game is panning out alternate ways to decide what to bet on.


Signup Bonus for new users to increase your luck

Our website always welcomes new users differently by adding a 10% sign up bonus. This means that your first deposit will receive 10% of the amount added to your account in the form of a bonus. But this just a way of luring prospective users in as the bonus money cannot be cashed until you follow certain rules. Betchips rules claim that the signing bonus and the money you initially deposited can be rolled over once before any money can be cashed. If you are unable to follow these regulations, our site can take away all your bonuses including your initial amount and you would be leftover with nothing. is the best soccer betting site in the US as you can experience games happening live and make your soccer betting a lot more exciting in a lot of ways.


Money Line betting option

The easiest way to bet is through a soccer money line where you can place a wager on one of three things: one of the two participating teams as well as the possibility of a tie match. The money line is a fairly simple concept and is probably one of the most common ways to bet on soccer in the world. With soccer, in the money line, the bettor decides to wager running the risk of winning for every wagered. Although the money line is a bit different for soccer, it is a great fun way to bet because of the looming possibility of a draw.


Over/Under betting option provides you over/under bet option where a bettor is wagering his money on the number of total goals that will be scored in a game. For instance, if the soccer games come with over/under in a particular match was 1.5 goals you as a bettor have to decide whether to vote on the over, which means you can expect two goals in the game. If your two goals are achieved, that means you have successfully placed the bet. If you choose an under the option that means you are expecting no more than one solitary goal that could be scored in the entire match. Using the over/under technique you bet on the situation with lots of fun on teams to know how well the team is doing.


Proposition bets

Proposition bets exist in all forms like if the bettor can place bets on things like scoring the bet for halftime, the player scores as well the team scores first and a multitude of other possibilities also increase. Proposition bets are usually recommended for new bettors who don’t know much about soccer online betting. The fun about this type of betting is that you can bet on for the whole time until the game goes on.

All these ways of betting are the best forms to be used while you are surfing on A money line is a very simple concept of betting and as you bet more and gain more experience into the world of soccer betting, over/under betting options are more reliable and easy than making proposition bets. Though soccer betting looks a bit more tricky it is a lot easier to understand and play than what more people think about it.

Most Secure Betting Platform for Placing Multiple Bets

By Admin 07/Apr/2020

If you are considering using more than one multiple sportsbooks to do your sports betting Betchips is the best place for you. you are in the right place, as you provide the most secure betting platform for placing multiple bets.

A review of the benefits of using multiple bets with a single platform or website. Betchips are the single platforms and provide you the best environment for placing multiple bets. we are the best online sportsbooks in the industry. This website is the most trusted space where you can do all of your sports betting.

What are Multiple Bets

A Multiple Bet is described as individual bets which combine two or more selections in a single bet.

To make the first choice in your Multiple selections simply go to the market and make a selection as if you were placing a single bet.  This selection will be added to your bet slip.

To add further selections to your Multiple, select another online bet of your choice.  Only one selection per event can be added to Multiple bets. For example, your first selection could be on a horse race and you are second on a soccer match. As you add selections to your Multiple you will see your bet grow. Betchips can support up to 15 selections in any Multiple Bet.

In order to get a quote of the payout for your Multiple, enter a stake in the bet slip for your Multiple bets of choice. The potential payout for this bet will then be displayed for you.  A full description of all the online bets available can be found below.

Once you have chosen your online Bet Type, you can enter your stake on the Bet Slip click "Place Bet". This will prompt a Bet Verification screen, verify all the needed details of your Multiple Bet are correct and click "Confirm Bet". This will open a Bet Receipt that you can keep for your personal records and for remembering.

Guide Prices

The prices displayed in the win market are a " Guide" price for building your multiple bets and not the individual accumulative odds available for the selections in question. Prior to confirming your bet, you will be shown the returns available for the Multiple that you want to place.

Pros & Cons of Multiple betting


Multiple betting is a great way to increase the live odds of a host of short-priced favorites for any market. You can mix and match online sports, include games on different days and basically, add short-priced favorites to bolster the overall pay-outs.

Sticking with pay-outs, multiple betting is probably the most lucrative type of online betting. The paydays can be large for very little outlay.


Multiple betting is actually very high risk, especially with the more online bets you keep adding to the list. Only one of those bets needs to be unsuccessful for the whole of the multiple online bets to be written off as lost. Many online bettors get carried away with the possible big payday when actually it’s very hard to string together 4, 5 or more consecutive correct results.

How to place multiple bets - Betchips

Simply choose your selections as you would for a single or double and more, and the bet slip will appear on the right-hand side of the page and will create your multiple online bets. From here, you then have the option to choose your bet type – double, treble, fourfold, Trixie and so forth – after which you will need to add your desired stake amount. Your potential winnings will appear. If you are happy with your selection click the checkbox the ‘Confirm Bets’ box and then click on ‘Place Bets'

Multiple betting is an online betting type that allows punters to place a series of bets on one betting slip. There are a few different forms of multiple (more on the latter) but the simplest is the humble accumulator or Acca. For an online accumulator bet to be successful, all the results must come in – if even one online bet fails to win then the whole bet will have lost and you will have lost your stake.

The reason multiple betting is so popular is that it allows punters to get a greater return from a series of results rather than just taking a low odds to bet on a single result. For example, rather than placing three bets at evens you place one three-fold accumulator that has live odds of 7/1.

The number of bets you can have a multiple is pretty much unlimited. The more bets you include the higher the odds are going to be, but also the less likely the bet will turn out to be a winner. Multiples can include as little as two different online bets (double) and stretch to as many as 15 or even more. Three bets for your multiple bets are known as a treble, whilst four or more bets are simply known as an accumulator. Bets may also be known as folds; so 5 bets may be known as a 5 fold, 6 bets 6 fold and so on.

How to Bet on Football in India: Overall Strategy

By Admin 10/Jun/2020

Football betting is one of the most popular options to bet on in India. While it is still behind cricket in India, football (or soccer) and other many are still very popular in India. To bet on football in India we have to focus the overall following strategy.

As you’ re probably aware, Indians love to wager on sports on the internet, so it should come as no surprise European sports betting sites now offer India’s nationally televised I-League as part of their football sports betting lineups that also include English Premier League, German Bundesliga and dozens of competitions around the world. No matter if you’ 're interested in betting on domestic, regional or global football competitions, there is no shortage of places for Indians to do so online.

Best Website For Soccer Betting? - Betchips

The best football betting site for Indians is Betchips. This is for the reason that this site has massive online sports cricket and football coverage, and accepts Indian players. We gladly accept bettors from India and also accept INR directly for deposit.

While India gambling laws prohibit bookmakers from operating domestically, Betchips is both licensed and fully legal in the United Kingdom. Although ‘perhaps’ technically illegal – to the best of our knowledge, no online sports bettor has ever been arrested for wagering from the comfort of their own home using an internet connection.

What Football (Soccer) Leagues are the most popular to bet on?

There are also the two major leagues in Indian Soccer

  1. Indian Super League
  2. I-League

You can find live odds on the biggest leagues in the world of football.

  1. English Premier League (England)
  2. Spanish La Liga (Spain)
  3. German Bundesliga (Germany)
  4. Italian Serie A (Italy)

Again, you can find plenty of options in your sportsbook or sports bookmaker. So, you can wager on football league from all around the world!

Types of Football Betting


  • ·Futures

Futures betting is a long-term bet that you can make on, for example, which team will win the title at the end of the season. These types of wager will usually be available for most of the season, but you can get the best prices either before the season begins, or earlier in the campaign.

  • · Match Betting

Match betting is probably the most popular type of bet you can make in football betting. All match betting is a wager on which team will win that match. You can wager on either team to win, but you can also bet on them to draw. Football is one of the most sports in which you can bet on a draw.

  • · Props

A prop bet is a bet that might not have anything to do with the outcome of the sports game. For example, the Man Of The Match prop wager is a popular option at the sportsbooks. Here, you can wager on which player will win the Man Of The Match award. That player (although it usually does) doesn’t have to come from the winning team.

  • · Totals

Betting on totals for football matches is when the sportsbook will set a total for the number of goals being scored, and you wager on the over/under. For example, if a total is set for 2.5 goals, you will wager on whether the actual number of goals will come in either over or under the total set by the sportsbook.

Football betting Strategy

There’s a saying I’ve read on online football betting forums for years: ‘I know far more winning line shoppers than I do handicappers’. Perhaps the biggest key to winning is to always bet with the best live odds. Now a question I’m often asked is which site provides the best football odds? I actually wrote an article here on this site titled Betchips Offers the Best Football Odds, however, it’s very difficult to beat sports using just a single betting site. Odds differ from site to site, so when you bet using five sites to shop every bet – your chances of winning greatly improve.

As a final point on the topic of odds, the smaller a market is, the lower the online betting limits generally are. For this reason, I-League doesn’t have anywhere near the betting limits as Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, or German Bundesliga. If you’re a large bettor or plan to become a big one in the future, consider learning these leagues. I wrote an article on English Premier League Betting(EPL) that is certainly worth a read. EPL is hugely popular in some Indian states. Considering UK bookmakers are mostly friendly to Indians, taking an interest in their league makes sense.

Football Betting Tips

Whilst we aren’t going to give you the exact bets or everything in this article, betchips will take a look at things you need to consider before placing any online football bets. The more you can apply these tips to finding value bets of your own, the easier and more profitable your online betting experience will become.

  • ·Research

Probably the most important thing when betting on online football is doing your research. When football betting smaller leagues such as I-League, great value can be found. Again as I mentioned, the limits are smaller, but it’s a trade-off. Major leagues such as the English Premier League(EPL) and Spanish La Liga are full markets these days. It’s tough to get an edge versus the bookmaker with these. But leagues in countries where football is not the main online sport become an absolute goldmine for those who are best at doing research.

  • ·Study the form

A little like horse racing, you need to work out how the two teams you are looking to bet on have fared in the past few sports games.‘Total goals’ market If possible, read up on match reports of previous games, this may give a better insight as to how the team is playing as a whole. Just because they didn’t score or gain one week, may not mean they aren’t creating chances or future winning. Look as deep as you can into sports games to find a solid bet.

  • ·Know your markets

There are literally hundreds of markets available to wager on with each and every football match. Some are extremely obscure, but if you learn them and know what each bookmaker or sportsbooks are offering when you come to do your research then things may just jump out at you. For example, many bookmakers or sportsbooks offer comprehensive ‘Corner betting’ markets. Whether this is the total number of corners, 1st half corners, corners in a period of the game and so on. If you know these markets exist and you are reading through a match report of a game with a high number of corners, then you will instantly realize to go and see if there are any value wagers for these appropriate markets.

  • ·Avoid cup games

Well, at least look heavily into these sports games before betting. They are a chance for the lesser teams to come up against opposition to a higher standard. The larger teams and more players will more often than not field a weakened team, making the playing field much more even. It’s for this reason that you must make sure you know the starting eleven for each team before placing bets. If you are really shrewd, it can be a good hunting ground for an upset or both. But the unpredictability of games makes it a nightmare for the serious punter.

How to Bet Online in India?

By Admin 10/Apr/2020

Be it's time for enjoyment or profit-making, everyone wants a game that should be fair and transparent. India's online sports betting market enable you to have the best experience in online sports betting but also gives you the confidence to become a successful winning player and earn a lot. Today we can find the number of casino games and sports with different offers just to attract players but is the trustworthy site which will help to choose the best and famous casino live games and sports.

Intro of the best betting website:

This website provides you online betting with a variety of options that are open across the Indian market. Whether you are a new player looking to find the perfect online sports betting or win betting or the one who is looking for higher odds, offers, and promotions to enhance your profit and winning experience, betchips is the best place for you. We always detailed you with the latest information about online sports betting to keep you updated.

The Services That We Offer:

1. Online sportsbooks reviews

2. Guidelines for opening an account and withdrawal options

3. Regulations and security information

4. Money transaction options

5. Online betting strategies and much more.

How to get a startup with online sports betting especially in India

Betting online in India can be challenging, prompting bettor to ask many questions. sports betting site offers a variety of distinct features and for finding those who need to start from the information that will lead you towards success.

Our team of experts has reviewed the best online gaming sites in India and compiled our findings into more straightforward guidelines that breakdown all the essential information of online betting. Online services we tend to offer

1. Availability of betting games

2. Software and app development

3. Mobile applications, so you can easily use your 4G-connected phone legitimacy

4. Offers, Promotions, and bonuses, deposit, and withdrawal offer and local options.

Gambling is an inextricable part of Indian culture, Despite numerous and religious condemnations from political and spiritual leaders, betting sites in India are flourishing and avid bettors are massively enjoying wagering on sports. Registering with online sports betting sites will be a quick, easy and safe process with your information held securely. Ensure that you have all relevant documents with you as id proof as they may be required to complete the registration or login process. If you do have any concerns over the legitimacy of any online sports betting site, check their security certifications and research using our guiding tips before signing up.

Our betting reviews also detailed about online sports betting options as they are a priority for India's sports bettors that includes various sports like cricket, football, horse racing, kabaddi, and tennis. We combine all these sports and much more with most competitive live odds and versatile betting market options, available to bet for you during pre-match or in-play.

Scope for betting online games in India

Estimates show that nearly 48% of the total Indian population place a wager once every month, with 80% of al bets being placed on matches of major cricket and foot leagues such as IPL. Choosing the best online betting site like ultimately satisfy your online sports betting preferences. If you love sports betting you will always choose an online sports betting site that caters all your required needs with a full array of options of live betting market to choose from.

Live odds and an alternative to sports betting

We follow the live-action and predict the outcome of the match as it happens, with live odds for betting such as next wicket-taker, runs in an over or goals for a particular team, total team score, live results, overall player score and many more. In case if you would like to try and make a handsome amount with online sports bookmakers, you are usually confused or afraid due to a lack of knowledge and experience that can lose your savings. E-casino is an equally profitable and alternate option to play blackjack or bingo casino games. You only need to aware of the rules that combine your game strategy of playing.


Watching or playing virtual online sports on

Virtual sports are recently popular online simulators of real games in which the results are generated and created using motion capture technology which is why they impress us with realism but are different from real games. To bet on sports matches it is always better to watch the betting before we place on live bets. We thus have an opportunity to assess the form of a specific athlete before the goals or runs are scored.

Betting for the national games

The upcoming games in India are extremely exciting not only for the sports fan but for tipsters too. Online bookmakers have already made attractive promotions which usually encourage tipsters to bet on the result of sports competitions like cricket, horse riding, tennis and so on. Although the national games will not officially be opened till a particular date you can already view which betting portals will broadcast live gaming options and provide live betting information. In other sense, it is a unique opportunity for tipsters to bet on predicted results before opening the game. However, we should always remember that sports competition is not easy to predict as not tactics or information will give us a 100% winning guarantee.

Are Betting Sites Illegal in India?

By Admin 11/Apr/2020

The world is moving towards a more liberal viewpoint towards games, considering Indian gambling and online gambling laws which are either archaic or non-existent. The government hasn't put forth any dedicated gambling laws in India, and this century has hardly seen any techno-legal framework being formed. sports betting online website operates legally as it has been licensed to run all over India. In this site, you can get a huge assortment of all the reliable sports online betting games like casino, cricket, horse racing, tennis and much more. Also, it compiles an easy and fast way to withdraw and deposit your earnings by accepting all types of payment options.

The Indian government's overview of gambling or betting remains in a grey area as before. A few sports revel in complete approval from the authorities while others are completely shunned. A legal betting website requires for bet at least for 2 or 3 matches, whereas single matches are considered to be played illegally on betting sites. But our sports betting site platform offers preferred users to try their luck for sports in India. It is estimated that betchips – sports betting website compiles over 30000 daily users to bet on sports in IPL time. We also, provide you with all of the WIP betting tips, especially to our premium users.


Legal betting sites in India are many but they don't have run on the license of gambling. Illegal betting sites in the market are opened daily but of course, you can trust as it is very famous at its peak of sports betting. Millions of people make high profits from these sites and sites like never get offline as they are government licensed with proper verified documentation and location remarks. It’s always necessary to research out first and start with the initially small sum of amount for trying your luck on a new sporting betting site and also be sure that the site has legally licensed to avoid the risk of being a victim.

Remember the only rule that doesn’t change in legal or illegal sports online betting sites is that people under the age of 18 years are restricted. If you wish to place multiple bets on a sports game or make your day by trying good hands online sports betting, is the choice with variant payment options and a huge assortment of games for high betting odds.

Why People Win in Betchips Betting Account Regularly?

By Admin 07/Apr/2020

Sports News Recently in the betting market is very hot, many "beginners in Betting" have invested in sports, what is the result? Unknown. This kind of scene seems to be commonplace in every sport betting bet. One party was so hot that it was super bullish, but the results were surprising. This can't help reminding me of a question: In sports betting, why people always bet in Betchips betting account?

Here we explain in detail for Betchips sports betting company; who has settled in India, and No. #1 sports betting site? So, let's come to know:-

For many years, Artificial Intelligent forecasting methods have provided convenient conditions for online betting. For example, Betchips sports betting accurately predict 99% of the Indian Premier League results through a complex algorithm.

We analyze every factor that may affect the game, from basic statistics such as recent performance and average goals, to more complex factors such as weather effects and incentive policies.

Sports betting like - Cricket, Tennis, Football and Basketball experts will say that these models are not a substitute for understanding the rules of the game, nor can they avoid many influencing factors, such as who is in good shape, what strategy the team uses, the sports betting we participate in often feels like this:

In fact, this is a "psychological strengthening illusion." If you bet more matches, there will be more and more games with 0.5 points deviation; these 0.5 point deviation games will be strengthened in your mind, or you will win and be strengthened, more often you will lose. The game was intensified, so everyone always felt that the dealer opened the market accurately.

In fact, the dealer's accurate match is only occasional, and everyone just has "the illusion of strengthening the heart".

Similar situations are common in betting market recommendations. Recently, the sports betting market is very hot.

In other words, no matter how many times you win, you won’t be able to beat the blow caused by “negative emotions”. Then “all in”.

Gambling are the oldest industries in the world, none of them. Some people rank first in gambling industry. Then I say that betting industry is the oldest industry in the world. Gambling is a random and uncertain game, whether it is casinos or poker, baccarat, horse race, etc... is fresh, every result is uncertain, it is because of unknown results.

Desire can make the gambling industry prosper, and the desire of human curiosity has also spawned the gambling industry.

So, If you want to Bet on sports game then start betting at Betchips Betting account.


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Virtual Sports Betting Site in India with App | Betchips

By Admin 14/Apr/2020 is a trustworthy online sports-book with exciting sports betting options specially designed to play conveniently for Indians. One of the noteworthy features of this site is it's the virtual sports betting site. Free bets, money-back offers, free prediction for a jackpot and some of the attractive offers make this site more interesting and exciting. If you have a keen interest in online betting for games so just don't monetize your love and passion for online gambling go for the best popular online sports betting website,

While Indians have made a late entry into the field of sports betting online, there are a few punters who have made this betting illegal in the country while there a few online betting fans who have higher the use of these sites. have made their markable entry and put forward a great passion for game betting lovers among the larger population of 1.3 billion and more Indians. With thousands of them joining this online betting site it is expected that it may increase the number of crazy betting lovers in the coming years. At betchips, India we are in a continuous process to offer the best tips and ideas for Indian specific audiences. We take pride in being the starting point for most Indians looking to try their hands in this thrilling world of intelligence and enjoyment. If you are planning to get started with an online game betting in India then is the perfect platform to become a seasoned punter. Here, we introduce you to the best betting website in the world and assist you with comprehensive sports betting. From betting tips to bet predictions, we assist you to improve your betting odds and guide you towards a rewarding and winning betting experience. The advantage of online sports betting coincides with the growth of internet accessibility in the country. We are one of the best online sporting websites which let Indian users put their stakes without having to step out of their home. With our website, it is very much possible and easy to make any deposits and withdraw the amount securely. Our detailed reviews and guides help you to choose and take a look at our features and functionalities with a more prominent and hassle freeway.

While cricket continues to be the most popular online sports betting game there has been tremendous growth for the betting lovers in the games like football, kabaddi, horse racing, casinos and live poker games too. Those Indians who traveled around the world have increased penetration of other online sports as well as it has also increased due to the broadcast popularity of betting on television and other resources. Ever since its inception, online sports betting has come a long way with long stretches of involvement with both virtual betting and its applications. Our specialists offer altogether a look into online content that not just encourages you to comprehend with the features but also strives to maintain high standards providing the ultimate resource for online sports betting. So far India has been the greatest marketplace for placing competitive odds of online betting games which makes our site also more dependable, reliable and 100% safe.

The incredible growth in virtual betting sites with apps in India

Virtual site in India like betchips has been actively tapping its foot in the Indian masses form the last few years. With around 400 and more million internet users, India stands second on the list of most active internet users worldwide. This makes an incredible passion for betting punters to play online virtual betting using apps. These apps made Indian sports betting lovers reach new heights. As of now, many Indian online betting sites offer betting games in Indian rupees.

Betchips have a wide range of players who can try their luck giving a great option for bettors from time-to-time. We also offer and promote all players with great odds as every bettor has a different approach towards betting and our experienced team understands all its importance for online betting. For this reason and many more, we have come up with a very simple and easy to handle virtual application only for you, where you need to just follow step-by-step procedure and enter into the betchips virtual world. This application is user friendly and very interactive with an efficiency to understand it properly.

About Online Indian Casinos and Start Betting

By Admin 17/Apr/2020

You will always find many casino punters in India that are playing online and offline with constant strive to obtain the perfect casino that accepts them as gamers. Whereas, within India, this isn't an issue as the players in India have got the correct bid of game or online accounts for little carry for any player who wishes to involve in gambling online.

Nearly all trustworthy online casinos need most types of payment options for distributions and deposits making its existence even simpler. Selecting a great India casino can also be not too difficult like the online casino live games played on website were all individuals which were once known as purely bookies have branched to the online casino sector. Most honestly most sites face a couple of transaction issues that have made their appearance on the massive amount are not worth mentioning.

Levels of competition are fierce which can be analyzed by the number of online casinos betting which offers larger bonuses to new users as well as loyal gamers that experience a stable amount to bet weekly.

Understanding how to win online casino long bets

For anybody, whether a newcomer or individual wanting to give it a try, online casinos may be a bit of mess opting for grater bonuses or for that purpose it would be difficult playing around the casino games.

The very best online casino, betchips is always better when it comes to the research part. Our website provides casino extra su[plies which only concentrates on the lesser thing that might connect you with online casino games played nowadays, for instance, the best Indian bingo rooms. It is left towards the individual searching the website who needs the right direction about online Indian casinos and who can starts that ought considering it the essential requirement before the final decision.

Casino slots are good bets for new users

Due to a strictly empirical approach, you might be surprised to learn that the State of Indian Gambling Control Board has declared that the casino slot winning percentage was 5% in 2000 which is compared to be 9% of Blackjack and Craps in some of the states. This shows that casino live games will perform well in comparison to board games. However, when the popularity of game slots and the number of people are lagers than the Indian casinos and start betting are surprisingly larger for the reason that they share the total sales made out of each casino. This probably happens due to players as they feel its the worse place compare to board games. But in general, if you think for a while the odds are always standing against you in any casino game. It no more secret that the seats for most of the played games are occupied by the visitors and therefore the casinos offer the best compositions of players at the starting of the game itself.

The aesthetic point of view determines the game slots to use our senses more in comparison to other games

1. The light and sound graphical effect tickles our mind

2. You can always look for more games and their options

3. Winning or losing with playing game slots relieve you from stress

4. Play for fun and not for earnings(unless you have a huge amount of disposable income) without any bet beyond their mean

Some of the game slot casino players critics often make a point that due to lack of strategy the slots are the greatest attraction place, where you will able to play legal online sports betting using an app in India. But surely some games use strategy whenever there’s a good opportunity, but many game slot players enjoy the simplicity and the indiscrimination nature of the slots in which casinos are a relaxing escape. This has finally increased game slots partly due to the reliable online casino games and remaining with the largest distribution of internet. Today there are many exciting games and stunning 3D interfaces with fun and game bonuses, that make slot table games to put their terms of sensations and pleasure together and make things easy in the areas where the game board was supposed to have the upper hand.

Online reviews of casino games played at betchips

Online casino games are expanding rapidly in all directions of the world due to the tourist attraction of hope to win lots of income from these games. In the same way, India is also not an exceptional case. It’s been observed that south Goa is one of the biggest and most popular destinations for online casinos in India. Destinations like these are successful in attracting many tourists and also residents.

Choosing the right sports betting site in India like betchips

Due to the expansion of gambling with online casinos, the economy of India is also at its peak level with most casino games legalized by the Indian government. Therefore the casinos are all legal and have permission to carry forward there work. The tourists that are coming to visit India are also eager to taste the casino life of India. Many people from different countries want to try their luck in Indian online casino games and become a better bettor for tomorrow. The casino games of India are very famous and are updated according to the technology and environment making the mood of betting punters more soothing and enjoyable. It is necessary to get acquainted with the online casino and start betting as more and more gamblers find the casino gaming the happiest place ever. Above all, as India is a coastal land surrounded by huge seas and rivers all around, many tourists adore this type of surrounding and feels that these places in India are perfect for playing casino games using betties account.

Which is better, sports betting or a casino betting?

By Admin 18/Apr/2020

Both casinos and sports betting are very popular among those who show an interest in the recreational mode of betting. But, to decide among the casino or sports betting which one is better is really a tough one and we help you here to sort out this to help you to make your desired choice.

Casino game betting – a fun and pastime for players

Even a beginner can enter an online casino and enjoy the casino games as there is no requirement of knowledge or previous experience needed to play. There are many games offered by the online casinos where you can place your favorite bets randomly and if you are lucky enough you could even hit the jackpot. As per the knowledge there few serious online casino punters who are more interested in playing that required intellectual skills. For example, Poker and Blackjack, Teen Patti and many more where your luck is your charm. New users or beginners can always take proper guidelines of other experienced players to understand these online gaming strategies.

The online casino offers easy access to a variety of online casino games for players all over the world. We can access the games instantly in the casino format or either download them for easy access. The important and basic difference between the casino and sports online betting games is that one is available for playing in the browser, while the other needs to be downloaded to your system.

Sports game Betting – A serious task for players

Modern online sports betting has been popular for 200 years and was started with horse racing games. Since then the interest of betting punters is increased with more of live telecast making it a popular form of sports online betting. There are a few serious sports bettors who research teams, statistics, player's performances and change their mindset according and place their bets on that team only who has a good record. It is a calculated wager that is put across for a team that requires dedicated effort to keep updated and change accordingly with the information related to the online sports and its teams.

Betchips provides you with the best online sports betting experience with accurate scores, results and important betting tips. Both of the online sports and casino betting games are fun but you always need to choose one over the other. You can always go for both the options as both of them can be enjoyed with excitement and interesting gaming modes.


How to never lose money in Sports Betting?

By Admin 20/Apr/2020

It's tough from giants like online sports betting to make money all the time, it's merely impossible. For most people, gambling is like a hobby like any other that dedicates a part of their income in exchange for their fun and bet that they enjoy while gambling. gives you all the chances and circumstances of winning whether it's a cricket match or a game of soccer or live gaming. Consciously or unconsciously, it the emotion that let the bettors buy the bets regardless of whether they win or lose in the end.

There are both chances of winning as well as losing as the long run of banking wining in 2005 has huge impact according to the coder foundation. It was the main betting houses that obtained profits of more than 4,000 million euros. The reason can be anything either for commissions or for their ability to make better sports forecast so that the mass of bettors, the bookmakers end up with the winning competitions. If you wish to be one of the greatest bettors and do not want to be one of the biggest losers of this system, try to remember and follow these simple tips at the time of betting.

Use of the money that is not in use

Never bet with the money you need to pay rent or your emergency bills as betting can become an addict for you. Remember that you can lose even the most obvious and high bets. In online sports, unexpected things usually take place constantly, which makes it especially interesting only if your floor depends on it. No matter how good you are in trio Barca, the most important game of the season, you can fall in one to real Madrid against Alcorcon himself. Here the rivals don't matter.

Never to bet impulsively

Live online betting makes it very easy to bet impulsively as it is more fun to do so but that's one the way of losing you money more easily. Take some time to analysis before betting, considering what you are spending and the probability that you would win and maintain all the records of it. With the excitement of the match on the surface and the feeling that the result of your bet will be known to you in just a few minutes, you are more likely to squander your money on betting which may be improbable.

Stop following blindly other people's advice and predictions

Every day more experts from game betting proliferate in the betting network and the media that sell their gambling or sports forecast based on infallible methods, that they are supposed to instinct. Sometimes it may be useful to asses outside criteria when deciding an online bet, but it's never healthy to take those predictions religiously.

In twitter, competitions are made by experts in forecasts in which any user can take part. It is a good assumption and important way to test and reckon the term “expert” always. Betchips have very knowledgeable and experienced sports betting platform that can expect games to play dynamical but not in terms of results.

Betting Site in India Using PayTM | Betchips

By Admin 22/Apr/2020

PayTM- the world's largest mobile e-commerce website is an ultimate solution for immediate online payment service. In betchips platform, it's online cash moving record in which you store the sum of money which will be credited and discovered your resistance and afterwards if you are a winner that sum will be transferred to you through the mode of Paytm. Most types of betting here are illicit and India has less number of non-illicit bookmakers. INR accepting betting sites are viewed as illicit as well as the betting site in India that uses Paytm mode is unregulated. However, online bookmakers in India have become the most mainstream choice for Indian bettors who long for activity. This has resulted in the delay to get the recorded initiated and checked on these e-wallets like Paytm. The easiest method to store your savings is the neighbourhood bank store. This happens yet is far-fetched, except if you are betting at high stakes.

To begin with, we will discuss the betting sites in India and examine the present status of INR betting destinations. Anybody can wager on INR if their Indian bookmakers offer it as betting cash. Online sports sites using Paytm like gives you the chance to play using INR and is not at all constrained payment-related modes. In Indian rupees, for instance, there are online cricket betting destinations and they are not betting destinations in India in general. Instead, they are spotlights on neighbourhood mainstream sports, that tend to offer some of the best cricket betting costs in the form of Indian rupees.

Know More- Online Betting Site with Mobile Application Support

If we pick Paytm service as the instalment strategy to store and pull back cash then we can utilize any of these similar strategies like GooglePay, PhonePay, and many other different e-wallets. The betting site using the Paytm site should not be an initiated mode of payment used in India by any means that is only a money related lift. Those people that hold a credit/charge/prepaid card or have an e-wallet can easily store their savings into an Indian rupee based bookmaker records and begin putting their favourite bets in the best site for betting in India like When rewards are offered as the best betting site in India, they offer in equal cash to their beloved betting punters,  so nothing lost in terms of money. It is equivalent to whoever has a financial balance and their moves make superb methods for storing cash into the INR betting website, especially for new users with Paytm support.

Practically if we consider the entirety of the cricket betting website in Indian rupees, it acknowledges bank moves and the individuals who are leftover with no more cash in their grasp check utilizes a wire move administration to support their INR bookmaker accounts. The most presumed and notable online gambling website in India always acknowledge Indian players and permits them to utilize Paytm as an instalment alternative. This administration is additionally accessible for at least expensive betting sites and punters who are benefited from brisk exchanges. There are also few different strategies to grow your INR in the sportsbook with issue lying that there are very few betting sites in India that accept INR as there cash credentials. As the day ends, the rundown of the top betting site in India becomes very packed and INR supported bookmakers are constrained to just 3 to 125 suggested destinations for online sports betting recorded by many websites.

Bet on Online Cricket with accurate betting tips

Are you looking for the best online cricket live betting destinations in India? Then go for betchips as its the most popular and reputable betting platform for beginners as well as experienced betting punters. Different destinations offer online betting for cricket through Indian rupees and first and the permanent among them is betchips which is an Indian betting site that permits Indian rupees as cash option for instalment.

Some points to be remembered while beginning with betchips game wagers

1. Depositing money at the Paytm counter: Just go to your Paytm account and pay the money at betchips betting account

2. Online exchange methods: Transfer your money online from your account to the betchips betting account from your own desired bank

3. NEFT/IMPS: Activate your online banking and deposit your money online from any of your bank account to betchips account directly by the method of NEFT or IMPS

NFET may take around two to three hours yet IMPS is instant, moreover, betchips additionally acknowledge cash from significant portable e-wallets like Paytm, Jio, BHIM app, PhonePay, GooglePay and many more. Betchips is also a site that permits INR from other money sites like Spinsports, Live bid, etc which are decent appraising betting sites liked by many clients.

Betchips have store and withdrawal limits which are diverse and equivalent for any Indian destinations

1. Betchips never uses similar instalment techniques which are like isolated bookmakers that bring about various breaking points

2. Minimum and maximum limits for store and withdrawal rely upon the individual gamebook and the instalment process being used

3. It's necessary that betting online punters counsel with their bookie to discover the limitations stretching out to their strategy for the instalment process

In India, online sports betting have many likenesses, yet the particularities eventually have their effect. Try to visit to embrace your luck and to get your hands on some magnificent rewards.

Read More:- How to win online casino long bets

In every event that you can anticipate the score precisely, cash can be made. To do so, first of all, you need to store your cash into betchips account. Here according to your storage, you will able to join the internet speculator immediately to improve your betting site and off chance. Once your off chance is improved you can win loads of cash from online locals. If you believe that you can do well in the betting and easily beat anybody then to avoid any error just refer the previous betting records for your assurance. Usually, when you play for long bets there is aptitude supposing that you can lead to misfortune on that day and can lose your karma that you can’t state without a doubt of what will occur with your wager on online betting site.

Easily opening an online betting account in India -

Many such bettors may bring in cash with their online betting talent. However, they have to comprehend the best gaming and need to do this ought to thoroughly understand the concept of how will you make your wager beneficial and how frequently you have to make your wager. So there is an off chance that you should observe the standards at that point to become a master bettor on the live betting website in India. Ideally, this information about opening an online betting account in India will always assist you in playing wonderfully on betchips or any other online betting site in India.

A debt of gratitude is for remaining with us!

NBA Basketball Guide | How to Place a Bet on Basketball?

By Admin 25/Apr/2020

Betting on the national basketball association(NBA)can be fun and interesting if you are aware of the basic knowledge of this sport and online wagering. Whether you are looking to make a bet on a regular-season game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies or on the NBA finals. Since. Basketball is one of the most popular games worldwide millions of people all over the globe enjoy watching sports in leagues and tournaments. It is also one of the most popular sports to bet on, as many bookmakers offer a broad range of online betting types and markets in which you can find many value opportunities.

The most and interesting league in the world is the National Basket Association (NBA) in the United States. The NBA began in 1946 with just 11 teams and made a historical place over the past six decades. This league has grown to nearly about 30 teams across the North American continent attracting the best talent from only  America but in recent decades you can also see players from all across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South American continents. Each team in the NBA plays an 82 game regular season which is divided into 41 home games and 41 awful games.

There are several games played over a seven-month which provides us with many opportunities to find the perfect value for your bets which are played on a daily basis. But if the NBA doesn't provide you with enough opportunities, then there's always an option for college basketball, where thousands of games are played every season with dozens of games scheduled night after night. Using how to bet on basketball game guide will always help you to get started with online basketball betting and provide you with various tips, best NBA lines, and college basketball bets with live results which you always look for.

NBA basketball bets

NBA online betting strategy comes into play when you place your bets on basketball league. Some NBA best bets come in form of handicaps, lines, and over/under betting types. When betting on lines and handicap types, betting strategy should always be considered taking into account the past performances between teams and the most recent sports games. Always be sure enough to look for injury lists whether you can bet on expected key players as they are rested in a certain game before placing an online bet.

Some other NBA best bets can look forward wagering on are over and under bets. With over and under bets you will have to predict whether both teams will score an aggregate number of points and an amount set by the sports-book. The greatest example of NBA online betting best bets is the well-known Lakers and Celtics which had scored over or under betting types with 210 points. A good online betting basketball strategy is to look up for the past meeting of teams and predicts that determine teams that will have a similar score.

A Guide for Horse Racing in 2020 | Betchips

By Admin 28/Apr/2020

Horse racing is not only popular in the UK, but it's also over 200 years old in India. On the contrary, the thinking of most people in the world has changed and they consider horse racing as one of the premier sports around the world. It is a world of racing that can mystify and complicate to the outsiders looking in. For those who are wondering how to start online betting on horse racing, commonly used racing terminologies might appear a bit confusing. So in this beginner's guide, we will let you know how to bet on horse racing and explain to you exactly how things work in the racing world. Today, India has a booming racing and breeding industry with the online sports conducted at many tracks. With the overall survey, we have come with some of the most frequently asked questions, providing those of you who are looking to bet on horse racing for the first time.

How do horse racing betting odds works?

Since online sports betting is inseparable from horse racing, we have a list of horse racing betting sites that accepts Indian players and rupees as currency one of them is This bookmaker offers prices upon every horse race, with a theoretical inbuilt margin in your favor. For instance, a three-horse race might in a perfect world concerning horse A at odds of 2.00(an implied probability of winning the race at 50%), horse B at odds 3/1(25% by chance) and horse C 3/1 (25% by chance), thus making a 100 pc perfect sportsbook and so on.

The bookmaker here makes a huge profit and has staff the taxman and the gambling commission to pay so he has to offer shorter prices to ensure a profit if he can lay every horse. Horse A may be at odds 4/5 (56% by chance), Horse B may 5/2 (29 by chance) and horse C may be 11/4 (27% by chance) but in this case, the bookmakers offer up prices totaling 112% (56% plus 27%) which are perfect attractive odds and gives you plenty of time to anticipate the winner or top places. Thus if you can attract online bets on all the runners, you have a guaranteed profit. This is a very simplistic and easy example and in the real world much more complicated. Usually, the bookmakers pretend to take a long-run view that if they can horses at a price lesser than their true chance they will able to be on top position for the long run.

As you most likely already know, favorites don't always win. It's not different in horse racing too. The prices at the front of the market can be experienced by betting exchanges these days. A major favorite may be leading the race at the moment, but it could all change in a second. With every firm in the country using betchips as their playing option you can observe a template for their early morning prices where liquidity and confidence in the prices are small as an output result.

It is obvious that often public horses are over-betted and underpriced and the educated players will always try to look away for the shortest prices that bookmakers offer.

The Online Sports Betting Advantages in 2020 | Betchips

By Admin 29/Apr/2020

All of the things are digitalized in 2020, so if you bet on any sports then you have to have a great opportunity for betting. Betchips betting account has an advanced technology for online sports betting that makes you accessible and reliable and differs from other betting websites. Betchips is one of the best sports online betting websites that offers a betting platform for over 12 years in India. New users at betchips are always welcomed with new betting offers and promotions.

If you want to bet on sports betting then sign up now for the days an.d get advantages of more offers for your first betting hand only at betchips betting platform. Consistently there is a huge number of people all over the world who are seeking these advantages while placing their bets on the web. The first thing to remember is that for online betting offers we have to have users registered in 2020. Moreover, you can choose multiple bets and if your lucky enough you can assure your perfect offer and bonus offered.

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Having lots of fun with online sports and making its benefits is not related. We realize that for the true sense we make enjoyment with some good time placing a bet as there is an offer for it.

Advantage of sports betting

We will probably tell you the best site to join which will facilitate a reward and bonus. Here are some of the most interesting advantages of betting online at betchips.

1. Making easily online money from sports betting

2. Win more money from your interesting sports

3. Place more bets or multiple bets on a single site

4. Offer betting app for our users' comfort

5.WIP special offers and bonuses

6. Indian payment gateways with all other foreign payment methods of transactions

7. Live TV on sports and gaming

8. Own blog for users for the latest market updates

9. Live analysis of your bets

We bet with you that all your needs and wishes for sports betting can be fulfilled at betchips platform. We have a plan that will help you to become our VIP member., the best betting website in India will impress you with our quality of the sports betting features in true sense.

Bid without fear, only at betchips sports betting platform.

How to Betting on Cricket Online | Betchips

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Betting online on cricket with is the perfect decision you made. It has a trusted market place as you can see in the reviews and comment section. To bet online on cricket, the site not only works as a platform to place live bids but also offers details of past performances which allows the bidder to judge and wisely place their bet.

Betchips allows the bidders to place multiple bets and also helps them to find a way through the bid. The suite, unlike any other in the business, has an association with betchips sports which marks the seal of trust to the website.

Online cricket betting using an application

It offers the most recent rates from Satta Bazaar and their dynamics are constantly updated and changed accordingly. The best of bidders, who use the online betting site, like the betchips one place their bets and suggest changing of password every time you log in. This is a simple way to keep away any breach or threat, which can pose issues other than the site security and threat. Remember, to sign up now for online sports betting, as it is necessary that the sportsbook which you are using should satisfy all your betting instincts, so you can just bid your money on your favorite game.

Also, you can get bits of help from youtube channel especially while betting online on cricket. On our website, you will find reviews and lots of comments as the best online betting site in India, where you get the highest online cricket betting odds with 100% free online betting tips from our expert tipsters. Simultaneously, you can also view guides on the biggest tournaments, blog posts, and plenty of useful articles for cricket online betting. We have also provided an in-depth step-by-step guide on how to start online betting on cricket.

The simplest steps- how to bet on Cricket

1. Create an e-wallet account

2.Transfer money into that e-wallet account

3. Create an account at betchips (or another trusted bookmaker)

4. Deposit funds from e-wallet to bechips betting account

5. Simply, place your bets at betchips

You can experience plenty of variations to these methods where you can use many other deposit and withdrawal options. Important is that if you choose other online betting sites too, the basic process always remains the same for whatever way you go for it.


Legal Online Sports Betting App in India | Betchips

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In India, cricket is considered a national sport and is a very popular and enjoyable form of the game. There are so many online betting apps on India like betway, bet365, Royal panda, betchips, and many more. But if we are talking about the one among these is the betchips, as it is a comprehensive online betting service provider based in India that helps and assists people or sport lovers to get the best odds on offers from leading online bets and betting exchanges. Here you can find help to place your bets at the best prices on the same website even through your mobile app.
We also provide top betting free tips from the teams of leading betting industry experts and multiple competitions with the greatest offers and promotions. That is the reason that today betchips site has so many positive reviews from each bettor and it is easy to access the offers and know what sort of odds can people expect from this site. If we look a bit around, we have done the bulk of legwork for the mass of people to find out exactly what are they looking for into the betting site and what can accomplish their betting needs from this site. Moreover, we have also detailed how well the site performs, how they look after their customers, and confirmation of our licenses from the gambling community.
Whenever people came across online betting on cricket in India, sites that don't offer any information exercise caution before trying to sign up can not be helpful and enjoyable to play and pace a bet into it. In fact, our betting website has provided reviews of many sites compelling with the regulations and hold the correct gambling licenses for the countries in which they operate accordingly.

Legal Betting App- Betchips

It is always worth checking that the reputation of a super-fast betting site is reliable and helpful before signing up or logging up with them. People just need to have a look and see for themselves about what other bettors are sharing about their experiences and offers that the betting sites provide. Since all online betting sites cannot be reliable and trustworthy we have taken special care to offer good communication with our clients, in form of help pages, live chat, phone numbers, and encourage contacts as well. Sometimes a betting website will permit customers to select what bonus coupons they prefer, just an example like on sports betting, casino games, slots or live casinos, live betting, etc. In that case, the coupons and codes they are asked to provide when you sign up can vary accordingly. We have the most current codes available on our bookmaker's page where you can easily and simply fond the best deal for you. Simply just like and follow the link from the page to claim your rewards and also change the codes regularly to maintain the bonuses and promotions running as it is essential to have the most up to date codes.
It was not very before that the pioneering of betchips was started a long time ago, and became the first sports betting site on the internet in comparison to the best real-time betting odds site from a variety of online bookmakers. It covered all the major sports like Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Casino games, and many others.

Are sports betting legal in India?

Over the last some years we have built up a strong reputation for being one of the best market leaders in the industry, with truly independent service appreciation by bettors as very well know for getting the best value for our sports betting. If there is a bet market for sports events, then betchips are among the ones who provide sporting bet markets with an enormous variety of sports events.
Hence, people realize that a sportsperson has to sacrifice a lot for his/her game and his/her hard work and dedication requires respect and not ignorance. So, the important change required is to bring financial support to the sports-person. It is also been observed that sponsorship is also required from big brands and private funding for meetings, buying sports equipment and instruments, and overcoming foreign traveling expenses. On the other hand, the government should also initiate on its part to provide deserving players with more jobs and remuneration.
Therefore, it's very essential to understand the role of sports by different sports association for the proper growth of sports lovers' site

Best Online Sports Betting App in India |

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With a huge number of both illegal and legal online betting sites and bookmakers, it can be difficult for punters to find the best online sports betting platform to suit their needs. As a result, betting anytime, anywhere has got a lot easier with these betting sites with mobile apps. is one of the best online cricket betting sites which has a very effective mobile user interface for its on go bidders. Betchips has proven itself as the most suitable and user-friendly application for online betting. You can read reviews and benefits from our experience around the world.

Since Sports betting is rapidly increasing and becoming popular over recent years, our mobile applications also try to offer the best of best online sports beta, besides offering easy and quick store downloads that usually don't occupy much of the device space but works effectively. There are a huge number of range of online sports for betting available for gamblers in India. On our application users will find a great combination of services and features which include markets, promotions customer service, and live streaming. After going through our guide, punters will have a much clearer understanding of various options available on the app, allowing them to find the right sports gambling experience from one of the top betting sites in India. The app is bidder friendly with user-interactive that opens the gate to the world of bidding for online punters. For more information, you can visit our YouTube channel which has a positive OLBG review and a satisfying rate of over 4. It has also crossed the record of a 1 million-plus download.

The online sports betting apps and their sites have emerged to be satisfying, but betchips is still in the hunt for a trustworthy competitor. To bet on sports using app is more simple and more convenient. Only the user has to get registered on the application and go for bidding. We have also provided the best bonus offers and download benefits of referral which are not being provided by most of the betting sites in India.

Therefore, to begin with, online sports betting it is essential to know and try to avoid suspicious and unsafe betting sites. Betchips is a safe and reliable betting site with a mobile user interface platform and can be used for betting experience by avoiding any chances of phishing and fraud online activities.

How to Become Rich in Online Sports Gambling | Betchips

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Let us be clear right now that most people can't and won't get rich from online gambling. Online websites stack the odds against you. Poker players face the rake and online sports bettors face the vig. But some people beat the odds. If you really are excited to know how you too can beat the online odds, read the rest of the post. These really show the following ways of gambling to make you rich.

If you see for yourself none of these ways is 100% full proof though. Avoid anyone who wants to sell you a full-proof way of getting rich via online gambling. Only those people get rich in that situation who are the people selling the schemes and had tricks. It is easier to become rich using these ways only if we divide them into slow ways and fast ways. The concept of online gambling has been around for almost many years as long as humanity itself is in one sense. Online sports gambling is in a form that we would recognize it has existed for thousands of years, with most experts agreeing as it dates back to be at least 3000 BC.

Over the years, several people have won vast sums of money through online gambling, and be it on online betting sites or in real life, there are some historical cases that are focusing on the modern era rather than the master punters of antiquity nice. It's really tough to decide who is the wealthiest online gambler in the world which depends very much on your criteria and various other factors. Join today,, and become the richest person in online betting.

Let us not get into more details and just cut straight to the chase. We bring to here some few names of the richest people over the last hundred years who have tried their hands in gambling even though all time their luck didn't support them.

These are some real examples of richest people from betting online;

1. Bill Benter

2. Edward Throp

3. Doyel Brunson

4. Zeliko Ranogajec

5. Billy Walters and many more.

Most Safest Sports Betting Website in India | Betchips

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Betting online is a quick, easy decision you made with lots of fun and enjoyment. Most online sites are safe, secure, trustworthy and 100% reliable. It is fair to estimate that 999 times out of 1,000 you won't face any problems. This covers things like personal and financial details of yours being secure and safe, winning bets being paid out promptly and in full sense, the functioning of the website properly, and resolving any issues speedily and efficiently.

However. If you want to minimize your chances of encountering any issues, get enough knowledge from almost 100 online bookmakers who meet minimum requirements for reliability and security. Many of our betting punters ask this question and we always give the same and exact answer to it that our online betting site is safe only if you take a few precautions over safety purposes. It is ultimately for you to ensure your safety. There is no denying that batting online for real money involves some risk and loss. There's the obvious risk of losing money on betting but there is a lot more chance of getting ripped or cheated or even getting into legal trouble for that purpose. These risks and unsafe terms and conditions are some of the reasons why people worry a lot about safety issues while playing on online betting sites.

Future with online sports gambling

We are reasonably confident about the future of online sports gambling. The industry is on verge of improving but the effect won't be seen soon, we have to think for at least one day that it won't be any matter to use any betting site for our comfort. provides everyone with an enjoyable and safe experience always. We always make sure that our readers can easily find the best places to bet and play with us. We are not only helping our customers but we are also helping the industry to maintain its standards and reputation.

The more people we steer towards the good betting sites like, the fewer people are likely to end up at visiting bad betting sites. We are always in search to provide you with a good and safest online gambling experience and environment. We are the ones among those that believe to be especially safe as far as online sports or gambling is a concern. Our site is the best and safest place to bid on with your favourite games.

Choosing the right sports betting site | Betchips

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There are a vast number of different sportsbooks to choose from when you want to bet on online sports. Most of the bigger sportsbooks offer odds on sports like cricket, tennis, horse racing and thus you can easily pick the game you like and place a bet over it. There are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration like how to search for all the different areas of various sportsbooks, which sportsbook is trustworthy and many such things. Well, if we talk of, you don't have to fear much as we have already put in many hours of hard work for you to become betchips the best betting site where even the beginners or newcomers can easily learn to select their odds and place their bets.

Learn to choose the right sports betting site

Mentioned are a few points that should be taken into consideration while choosing your betting website and fulfilling all your betting needs.


Bonuses and Promotions

Odds and betting selection

Banking Options

Customer support

Software and so on

#1. Trustworthiness

Trust is paramount when you are depositing your funds into someone's account. Do you believe that the deposited amount is not been kept for ourselves? Yes, you do have to believe, as is a legal betting site with a licensed approval and if it's a licensed site then there is no question to be dishonest with its customers. As in present life, trust is much harder to regain than losing it. Most online sports betting sites are aware of this situation and it's actually in their self-interest that they should always maintain their good image.

#2. Bonuses and Promotions

Remember according to the saying, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The extra money you get to play with might be like some strings attached to the bonus money but is still much better than getting only money by placing bets.

#3. Odds and Betting selection

Most important we mainly cover the biggest cricket leagues and matches. We also consider famous cricket tournaments odds all over the world like





Cricket World Cup and so on

#4. Banking Options

We provide you with all the essential banking options. All our deposit and withdrawal transaction methods are safe and reliable and can make your life easier without any struggle during hard times.

#5. Customer support

We are at your service and provide you with any sort of technical support 24*7. If you feel you are in trouble or have some queries regarding the betting options we would instantly guide you and try to solve all your queries and questions online as soon as possible.

#6. Software functions

Our software depends mainly on the matter of the taste of an individual. We try to consider all mentioned points for punters who want to try out their hands and make their luck in sports betting.

Colour scheme

The overall look of the website

The information available on each page

Displaying of odds

Loading of the desired webpage and many more



What is the Best Site for Online Sports Betting? | Betchips

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Online betting is growing its popularity in India, and for this reason, there is an increasing number of online betting sites fighting for the attention of Indian players. has been rated as the best bookmaker by us for a very long time. If you want to know why? then you need to look at our online sports betting site and see the reviews and comment section of the players for the reason. It's always recommended to make sure that you do some reading activity and figure out which betting site is best for you before beginning with it.

Betting sites are doing a lot to try and make an appealing approach to its customers to sign up as soon as possible. We too make our beloved customers happy by accepting Indian rupees that make them easier to deposit money and give out enormous welcome bonuses, and so on. There is a vast amount of different online site for betting to choose from when you want to bet on online cricket. Our betting site offers online various odds on cricket tournaments and matches where you can choose your favourite match can place your desired bet.

Despite all these appealing offers and tremendous online playing options, we always keep in front of all your needs that you decide while selecting an online betting site. Betchips consider a lot of things like how will you find the time to research? best odds to display, new gaming options and much more while you choose the first betting site that comes across. We recommend that you take it slow, and evaluate which betting site will suit your needs. Well! Have no fear as is here to help you do just that.

Best Online Sports Betting Site

We have added all these and many more features and options to give you the best online playing experience in a betchips-sports betting website. Everyone doesn't need to have the same preferences when selecting an online betting site. But we always remind you and try to help you by suggesting you start initially with reading our reviews and comment section, as it will guide you to decide which bookmaker is best for you.

Top 10 Legal Betting Site in India | Betchips

By Admin 16/May/2020

Betchips is one of the top legal betting sites in India. It has all the legacy, rules, and regulations that are needed for the smooth functioning of the betting sites. The site provides you with all the information on live bets and sometimes makes your money double. Sports gambling is an extricable part of Indian culture, having been present on the subcontinent for over more than three millennia. Despite many moral and religious condemnations from political and spiritual leaders, betting sites in India is flourishing since Indians are avoiding bettors who massively enjoy wagering on sports and especially on cricket matches.

Estimates show that 48% of especially all adult males place a bet online once every month, with more than 80% of all sports bets are been placed on matches of major cricket leagues such as the IPL one.

Online Legal Betting Website for Betting

India's view towards gambling might be considered as conservative by western country standards. But, betchips have made a significant step in terms of moving towards a more liberalized licensing system from 2018, when the Law Commission of India suggested the full regulation of online gambling.

Betting in India – 5 things to know about legal betting sites in India

1. No legal action has been taken against individuals who indulge in online betting activities

2. Most credit card transactions to and from online betting sites are blocked due to security reasons

3. 80% of all online sports betting revenue is generated through cricket betting games

4. A new law was proposed in July 2019 that has yet to be put in order by voting

5. online betting is legal in the state of Sikkim since August 1, 2009

Betchips- Best Indian Legal betting website

We gathered all the information need for the beginners and experienced punters by narrowing the choice down to the ones that have high odds on cricket matches, which usually offers local bank transfer deposit and withdrawal options acceptance of the Indian rupees.

How to choose the best legal Indian betting website

If you are looking for the best online betting site in India, then you should have in mind the following criteria;


The top cricket betting sites offer 100+ markets with over more than 60 alternatives sports bets at every match played in top leagues such as IPL or CPL. Moreover, these sites have very competitive cricket odds with 95% and more payouts on pre-match and 90% to 93% and more on the in-play section. Great bonuses are also provided weekly among the various Indian sports. Betting sites for cricket has emerged as the top gambling sites that offer unique promotions on the CPL.

#Live Streaming

It is a feature that all the top betting sites should have especially in sports like cricket. Live YouTube videos constitute an integral part of a good live betting platform, as it is very important to watch the matches of the biggest competitions and tournaments like the Big Bash while placing your bets. Sports bookies such as Bet365 and 1XBet offer games on live streaming daily even through your mobile application.


Besides being convenient, betting on sports bookies allows you to fund your account by using the local currency of mass importance. This is because you don't need to convert your Indian Rupees(INR) into foreign currency. You also need not worry about the conversion fees that usually steep. International bookies such as 22Bet and LiveBid offers the rupees as a standard currency, making the whole transaction process much easier and efficient.

#Local Bank Transfer

If you are funding your account then you should always make sure that the bookie which you consider accepts local bank transfers, both for deposits and withdrawal options, through payment processors like PayTM, PhonePay, IMPS, and GooglePay. For instance, we offer bank transfer deposits via different payment processing systems.


Apart from great welcome bonuses, the top sports betting sites should provide punters with daily offers and other excellent promotions on cricket matches of major competitions like the Ashes and Marsh, One Day Cup. is the best sports site in India when it comes to Hero CPL T20 promos, as it serves.

In India, one of the legal betting sites is betchips. That is why is it considered to be the most reputable site for online sports betting. If you are serious about betting odds and would like to try your luck then just sign up and start placing your favourite multiple wagers on the bets.

Sports Betting Bookie Games Deal at Betchips

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You always want to try your luck by placing your hands on the best sports betting platform, where you are passionate about live betting games and want to earn a handsome amount and increase your income health today. Betchips is the best betting website in India as we support you to live 24/7 with technical help that easily improves your daily income on our website. We have a good range of some sports betting bookie games deal at our live betting platform-betchips.

Betchips is one of the best and India's no.#1 gambling site that accepts PayTM and PhonePay. We are among the popular sports betting site which adorns games like cricket, tennis, football and online casinos into it. This is the most popular betting site in India for cricket betting; sign up now for online cricket betting. Within no period of time, you can easily place a bet on cricket game at the betchips-sports betting website. It's a statement about the betchips-cricket betting website; we are the best in a live betting site for Indian players where you can track your live betting in our platform. Also, you can choose to go bets when you choose multiple betting options.

Know more about online betting odds

In India, about 75% of people select betchips company for online betting. So, are you ready to bet on cricket live game that is full of fun with 3D design? Get on with sports betting deal betchips with live cricket TV. Our cricket betting professionals are the best in providing betting bookie games that offer many of the betting deals and offer for our new betting users. Moreover, our website is also legal sports betting bookies where you can always go for placing multiple bets on ever-favourite cricket game.

If you want to open easily an online betting account then you are just at the right place. Sign up now and try your luck hard. Many of the betting website companies in India are not that much reliable, flexible. But our website is one of the best betting websites for new users who want to prove their talent with some handsome of cash credited. So don't wait for the right time to start dealing with betchips betting bookie games and contact us now for a further assistant if needed.

According to our Quora, our betting blogs are the best motivational reading concepts especially for new beginners who want to place a bet on cricket online. We also keep updating our website with a lot of betting information. If you would like to take a look at our blog section just click on the link as “betchips blog” and join YouTube and Telegram for the latest upcoming sports betting news and some important tips.

What are the Best and Most Reputable Sites for Online Sports Betting?

By Admin 18/May/2020

Online betting is an extremely convenient and easy way to make money with your sports knowledge and the latest hot tips. So, if you are someone who knows how to be a winner, then it is the right time to win and start making some real money from those you pick. Thankfully, you can now start turning and making more profit without ever leaving your house and traveling anywhere. Beneath, we made a list of some of the best sports betting sites that are available for you which offers the most trusted, safe, and complete online betting and gaming experience. These sports betting sites are just like the tip of the iceberg only for you.

In Betchips, we cover a ton of different online sports betting options as well as some crucial information to give your luck success and winning. Always feel free to click or contact us regarding any of your queries or information needed and look out for those sections that most interest you. It's not that easy to find every online sports betting site that offers and serves in every corner worldwide. Some of the best and reliable online betting sites are like laser-focus that provide service and are restricted to specific countries, regions, or particular areas. This allows us to offer you online bets on the most popular sports played within particular countries and bonuses that fit on country's tendencies. Ultimately, just a better all-around experience for a unique bettor base.

What makes these sites the best online betting sites?

We don't just hand out our reliable online betting site recommendations casually as we offer online sports betting action and make our site look beautiful with some cool graphics. This doesn't make you a viable candidate instated we have a very intensive and thoroughly mapped process that helps you to use reviews and comments for the better betting experience. You will find site security, trustworthiness, industry reputation, and fast payouts system only at betchips. If you think for a while, trustworthy sports betting sites are more like banks. They hold people's personal information and large sums of their short, what it means? It means that they can potentially become targets or points of thieves and hackers which banks are usually afraid of. To combat this threat, they need to be more safe and secure when it comes to website security.

Betchips- Betting website with mobile application support

All of the sports-books that have made an entry in our list are on the cutting edge of web security and authenticity. We utilize technology, dedicated teams and several other different methods to keep you and your money safe and sound always. But security is not the whole equation or concern when it comes to the smooth functioning and running of the site. We are in constant up-gradation looking for bookmakers that can be trusted and have an overall positive industry reputation and management.

Ask yourself

1. Do these sites take proper care of their customers?

2. Are they fair enough to bet trustfully?

3. Are their games fair enough to wagers on them?

4. What is the market industry saying about them?

5. Do they payout winnings? If so, how quickly?

All these questions and much more are where we begin our research when you are looking to find out the best sports betting site available. Thanks to a refined process that we are confident enough that our website is the best and efficient in all these categories.

Competent and accessible customer service options in betchips

There will be times during your online sports betting where you would experience a difficulty to bet on any game and you would need help. This might be something as simple as having a promotion for helping you to make money across the world into your account. Whatever the issue is and no matter how big or small we will always guide you to get effective and interactive quick help.

Know More- Online sports betting factors

When we are working to determine the accurate sports betting site, we take a deep look at the availability and efficiency of the customer service of the site

1. Can you get hold of something quickly?

2. Do you have several different options to reach the website?

3. Is the person with whom you speak first able to determine or help you with your problem?

4. Do your complex problems get escalated and fixed properly?

We always wish that you should never need customer service help, but that is just not realist and for small reasons, though you will need technical support whenever necessary. We always recommend the sports betting bookie game deal at betchips as here we have high-quality technical customer service teams that are accessible to you and you can reach them 24/7 in many effective ways. If you are looking for the live sports betting experience then just choose live services from your country and send an email for more assistance at

Best Cricket Betting Site in India for 2020 | Betchips

By Admin 20/May/2020

Now, bet online in India from home through betchips sports betting platform. This platform allows customers to place an online bet with PayTM and PhonePay. Do you want to win thousands of rupees on sports betting online on profitable promotions in India? Here we will help you to reach your goal no matter what odds you have. Sports like cricket is one of the best options to start betting even if you start with a low deposit you can find the true value for your money and we will always keep you up-to-date in terms of the offers, services and new promotions from the best –rated site.

Indian cricket has captured the imagination of billions of people worldwide for Indian cricket betting analysis. It has gained access to new countries, apart from the 10-test playing nations. Viewers from all parts of India throng to the stadiums or sit in front of their TV’s or via live streaming for sports betting with mobile application support to watch the cricket matches across all three formats of cricket mainly test cricket, one day and T20 Indian Premier League(IPL) matches, etc.

Read More Which site is best for cricket in India?

Indian cricket betting sites are now more rewarding than ever as no more have to be an idle spectator cheering for your favourite player or squad. Betchips is an accurate betting site that you have to venture with a right guess about the outcome of the match or the next delivery through sports betting and rake money on the best Indian cricket site.

It is not difficult anymore either to find a shady bookie or hide behind a curtain to place your bets. With betting options gaining popularity, huge online betting websites, and platform have propped up where you can easily place your bet.

Cricket betting in India – Start betting now!

Here at betchips, we have created a list of top Indian cricket betting sites. Cricket spread betting bookmakers and P2P (person to person) betting website or any other as required.

Betchips – cricket betting site features

  1. Old and trusted bookmaker
  2. Caters most of the Indian betting and gaming market
  3. The generous welcome bonus and weekly free bets
  4. Variety of deposit options
  5. Competitive odds for cricket matches
  6. A mobile app that includes live video streaming

So don’t just wait, want to place a bet on trusted cricket betting site, find betchips and start betting your luck.

Online Cricket Betting Odds at Betchips

By Admin 21/May/2020

Betchips provide you the best and accurate online cricket betting odds so that there are more chances of winning betting. You can wager on live cricket odds easily. In simple words, online cricket odds means the list of all the upcoming cricket matches that the online bookmakers have put up. These are betting odds as well as the odds that they currently provide to the user.

About Cricket Betting

By clicking or refreshing the odds button accompanied by the match you want to bet on, you would be directed to a list of all the bookmakers were we fetch the live cricket odds. It will also show you the result of what odds you would get at their website. The odds are updated about every 10 minutes or less on our end so that these odds might not new ones and you can make its surety by checking the website to get the most accurate sports betting odds.

How to use betting odds?

Betting on cricket does not only involve the possibility of trying to pick who will win and who is going to be a further match on the possibility proposition bet, but it also motivates on a lot more if you have any ambitions of earning money over the long run.

Read post at betchips: - How to win online casino long bets?

If all your bets are done at just one sport-book, you are most likely missing out on a lot of value and respect. Even though you could pick who the winner would be and it would be 100% right if you compare with every other sports game then getting the highest odds would still matter a great deal and win. In return, it would be great in the short-run and this will be augmented into the future. Getting the right and accurate betting odds is more than just half the battle but it is also closer to the full battle.

Why are online betting odds so important?

To emphasize the importance of getting the highest odds on your sports bets, betchips will show you an example of two different bettors. Let us consider two bettors “A” and “B”. Both are winners and can pick winning bets at a great rate of let’s say 65%. On average, bettor “A” receives odds of 1.90, while bettor “B” is doing so it receives on the average betting rate of 2.00. Now, if both “A” and “B” bettors are bet 1000 or more games a year, then this will leave them with about 650 winning bets and 350 losing bets. So still there are chances of winning high rewards. If they are betting $500 on each match their results or updates would look something like this:-

Bettor A net winning:

650 * 0.90 + 350*(-1) = 235 * $500 = $117.500

Bettor B net winning:

650 * 1.00 + 350* (-1) = 300 * $500 = $150.000

So, if you see there is a difference of $32.500 which you are missing out by ignoring to line shop of bettor “B”. Now some might try for alternative cost or some other different reason, but when this activity can easily be automated and take very little time, you only need to get your act together. It should be done in such a way that getting the best and accurate possible odds towards your bets. This is the most important thing you need to do regarding online sports betting.

How do you find accurate cricket betting odds?

We have already mentioned in the above example the concept of line shopping. But we will still explain what it entails. It simply means that the act of looking around at different sports-books for the best “price” on your bet (also know the odds or rates). Just like you would usually check out different prices on different brands of products.

It is usually seen that many will not just buy the products at the first and best place but check out some other stores in the hope to save some money and find new alternatives. Similarly, when you have a bet on which you like, you want to find where the best and accurate odds are at all times and you do so by using line shopping. In a perfect world, you would have deposited money at every cricket betting online site and you always need to check for the best and accurate live odds available to you for placing a bet. But unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world as there are many restrictions and limits for funds or money available every time which makes it hard and impossible to get through the situation.

We, therefore keep funds at a minimum two bookmakers and from there on add on sportsbook as players bankroll to increase your need for other sports betting market changes. So, to experience the best cricket odds at betchips create an account and login for various desired odds. It’s time to start betting with us!


Online Betting - Look Out For the Following Factors

By Admin 22/May/2020

It is a terrific opportunity to generate income as it was not that easy beforehand due to protection issues, but with our current cryptographic strategies we have ironed these out and all things are sorted completely. It’s really hard to determine genuine online sports betting websites from the fake and frauds one that is promoting a lot. We were unclear regarding the safety gauges adopted by these online betting websites as you need to provide your credit card number, as it would be unreliable fraudulent activity creeping in. Though we take care of the safety and security measures which are much effective, it is still crucial that we exercise caution so that none would fall a victim to such opponents.

Online Sports betting outlook

New online game players are hooked by such attackers and lose out their cash as there many internet sites that temporarily developed where the fraudulent attackers pick up the cash from games. Sports sites for betting usually credit when the credit or debit card details are keyed in. This gives a chance to hookers and the messaged is straight handed down to them with all cash stolen. Therefore, it is very important to double-check the website prior to giving your personal details like bank account number, credit/debit card number, and soon.

Know More: - Best betting site in India- Betchips blogs

Check out the reliability of the websites from the online search engine. Unbelievable websites are tracked promptly and also brought into light by the search engine like-Google, MSN, Bing, Yandex, etc. You might reach and read the comments and reviews published by many people that have lost their money due to such risk-taking online sports betting sites. The website may be great according to features and options but it might be lacking in great efficiency, safety, and security by its system. Try to understand more about the website from it’s about us page and if you don’t find anything comfortable just look on for another secure website. The fraudster will always ensure establishing an appealing more towards a website that offers strong and bonuses for an online betting website. The scammer either maintains the entire betting amount to him or passes it on to authentic on the internet betting web sites for a lower amount and in the earns a profit.

Betting on sports game factors- Betchips

Online betting is a really amazing website as we get to play or bet remaining in the comfort zone of our home. Continue watching television while sitting at one place and munching chips which define how actually how relaxing are online reliable betting sites. In all, we have the luxury of online betting when watching our favorite sports games or team play. The cryptographic techniques have made live betting safe, secure, and robust. If you want to open a sports betting account at a reliable price then use prefer to use your credit card payment or go for PhonePay. Therefore, it is imperative that they still exercise caution while undertaking an online betting site. There are some people that still get robbed by fake sites and also lose out money.

False sites/ unauthentic websites/ Fraud sites

You must be careful of online betting sites that claim official status but there are no more individuals interested in hacking into credit card information to make fraudulent purchases. These individuals even go to the extent of betting at the genuine website and also fabricate fake credit cards by copying the details of credentials of the genuine one who worth money. You can avoid such websites by searching on Google for the website name or either search directly on Google with some specific keywords. If it is a fake, it would definitely be reported by many people and see the comments and you can avoid it altogether.

Inadequate Security

The website may be genuine but it may be lacking in a good security system because of some hackers. You can get to know about it from their “About US” page and if you feel that the particular website is not trustworthy just look for another website. Always avoid shady or fake websites.

Improper Odds

It’s really a tough one to make out improper odds but if you come across live odds that are too good to be true, then you need to be more careful and probe deeper into it. Such an online betting site is more than likely to retain the money or trade with your expense and make money more money. You can avoid such scams or frauds by dealing directly with the bookmaker and by keeping away from intermediaries. Invariably you will always find that wonderful offers and bonuses made by these websites always have something to hide and may not be as transparent as they appear to.

Wrong Guidance

This is the most common pitfall that new players or users must be careful of. Since online sports betting can appear pretty complicated to start with, there will be many people willing to offer you the advice for a price and you will find that it’s just not worth the money. You will realize that online sports betting site is one of the simpler forms of betting and there is a lot of practical and good advice available for free which you can always go for.

What is Betchips?

By Admin 26/May/2020

Betchips is the best site for providing all betting information such as live matches, live bets, and money transaction methods. It is the site that provides wide deposit and withdrawal options at a single click, it provides all these features and many more in the official betting platform of betchips. It provide a very easy login process where you can experience a safe and secure method of the login process.

Betchips also has many other features that distinguish it from other sports betting sites some of them are:-

Trustworthiness in a betting site of India

Bids, odds and betting selection options

Banking options like- PhonePay, PayTm, IMPS, Google Pay, NEFT and many more are available

Offers, bonuses, and promotions for new and old users both

Betchips betting apps and websites

Live score, live result and betting tips

Final and current betting results

Live streaming video of different sports betting game

Betchips provides the best of all betting information like a live score, live result, live streaming, odds, bids, withdrawal information, and so on. Our betchips site is very efficient you can just come and follow the instruction and try to get better results. Various betting tips with very professional team support are provided so that you can win. After all our winning depends on your winning. Betchips is hugely popular in India and worldwide and now become the best online betting app too. If you want to try your luck then place your hand on any sports betting game by visiting our site “

Online Betting Site with Mobile Application Support

By Admin 26/May/2020

Online betting sites are very efficient and easy to handle if they are provided with mobile application support. Nearly about 70% of people use their phones or mobiles for any query related to the betting. Both mobile app as well as websites have different pros and cons varying according to different fields. Betchips brings to you a complete user efficient online betting site that totally supports mobile user interface.

Use of mobile application support for an online betting site

There are following main points that should be taken into consideration for mobile application support:-

#1. User interface

The user interface is more than just the way an app looks or changes that you see in background colors, it something that gives the first experience to the user. The interface of a mobile betting app can dramatically influence your experience as it refers to everything that's related to your interaction with the bookie.

The speed with which they access different menus,” betting site with the mobile application” is easy to reach all its functions when holding the phone in one hand and you can hold as many sections as you need to open to find you your favorite bets. All these are valid examples of why the user interface is important for smartphone betting.

#2. Fast betting

More than just mobility, betting on your smartphone brings a lot of speed to the game and the entire process. Just like in the above example it is very much convenient and easy to place a bet within a minute after unlocking your phone. Fast live betting often makes a difference that is seen between mobile and desktop or laptop users. Using mobile payment methods like PhonePay, Google Pay, IMPS or Paytm which are part of the entire betting process is easily accessible and reliable due to its time limitations and fast speed mode. has already mentioned its live betting features needed for online streaming to support mobile sportsbooks which is the best and great perfect example of the use of the mobile app in betting games.

#3. Mobile betting bonus

Bonuses and various offers are provided that give you enjoyment while using mobile apps. Claiming mobile betting can easily improve the entire process. Mobile betting sites and bonuses seem to go hand-in-hand as there are plenty of opportunities to claim great deals and offers.

#4. Downloading

There is also a chance to get exciting gifts like a brand new smartphone, handsets, earphones, and many more by taking place in a special lotteries offers by some mobile betting websites or by exchanging your betting points at the merchandise section through the loyalty program.

Is mobile betting a safer betting option?

Safety betting industry has a few black sheep and even though there are secure mobile gaming platforms available it shouldn't be a problem for you to encounter various functions on the website. Apps or websites that need a super-strong internet connection, interface or a website should always have a good secured and safe security options. However that's why we at betchips try to put together the list of the safest mobile sportsbook so that you can browse through these sites easily and safely. Also, the two authentication systems used by betchips makes it among the best mobile bookie offer on a smartphone for developing safety and reliable app and website.

Best Site for Sports Betting in India | Betchips

By Admin 28/May/2020

It's for sure, that you are interested in sports games and you may have many chances in sports betting games to show off your skills. But if you are a bet player and enjoy betting matches, it is obvious to know that which are the best and reliable betting sites to move on with. It's been observed that according to some mindsets betting is not legal in India but on the other hand, most Indians enjoy a lot playing and betting on such sites.

The best site for betting

The best betting site while always provide you with the best and recent live information about its safety and efficiency over its use on the internet. At present, many sports games create interest in so many people and nowadays people get attracted to more and more sports games. is the first-ever best website for the sports betting in India and has now become the most popular for knowing the greatest sports players and for the interest of Indians.

Trustworthy betting site in India gives you the best betting tips and advice for sports gaming and betting. We have several predictors, which are professional and experienced people who give the reliability of being the greatest betting site at present. has raised the Indian market with a huge number of betting experts. You can easily trust us for sure from your money which is 100% secure and safe with our trustworthiness. is legal in all aspects covering bidding advice and betting tips

Our money transaction system is very efficient and flexible which makes it the easiest and quickest mode of money transfer. Here, you can easily get all the updates of your money immediately and also we provide you with time-to-time documentation and verification required for security analysis This helps you to get an update of all your bids and you can keep a track of all you bids which maybe live in your account, securely. Our site is truly recommended for trust and perfection.

To know more and to get more information bout sports betting and its advantages, you can simply log in with our website and send us any queries which you need to be answered. We assure you that we will provide you with the best solution as immediately as possible.

What are the Secret Points of Online Betting in Football at Betchips?

By Admin 01/Jun/2020

Eager to know the secret points that you should always remember while online betting in football? Just simply visit on our site, -India's most popular betting platform. Betchips is one of the best sites that involve football matches with a lot of research and skills. Football is one of the most popular forms of sports in India for online betting. If you want to bet for it then you should have to have the proper knowledge and should be aware of the secret points that require online sports bet. Once you know how to bet online at betchips then you will automatically get to know with the process of login where there always more chances of having good odds to wager upon.

List of some secret points to remember

As the world's most renowned sport is football and most betting online games over the world, there is no shortage of time for you to start betting online at betchips platform. You can visit our football betting option or else can download the betting app in a single click. We also help you through our experts which confidentially provide some of the useful betting tips. The teams which we offer to choose from are the best teams in the world.

The advantage of football betting at betchips is that you can know all techniques and playing guidance to win through our football live videos. Firstly take some time to understand the game and read our all correct betting information that will help you start betting online.

Start placing a bet at betchips

Here are some online betting tips in football for every imaginable angle

1. The first thing you need to know is the process of online sports betting at betchips, where you need to choose the right sports for placing a bet online

2. is one of the trustworthy, reliable, safe, and secure sites for sports betting especially football games. It is the most reliable site for sports betting because this provides an online application for betting in a football game. Daily, nearly about 20000bidders bet on betchips platform. If you register yourself on our betting site you will definitely say that you have chosen the right platform for online betting in India.

Our client says nothing is better than betchips to bet online is a safe site which helps bettor to make the right bets in the sports like- horse race, cricket, tennis, football, and casino around the globe.

Open easily an online betting account in India | betchips

It provides live football match betting that allows new users to get known with the strategy. New users can also take benefits of YouTube videos for expert advice for the first time betting. We can also help you by giving you some of the most useful points that no one knows.

1. The secret here means to bet on such football matches where you can easily make as many as goals and select the best teams which are one of the best teams performance-wise in football matches.

2. It's important you don't just put your money on a single bet. If you are really aware of the teams/players then only you go for it else even at the last minute the game can change if there is a goal made by the opposition team.

3. Don't ever lose your hope and patience even after losing sure bets.

4. Try to watch a live football match. If you have earned something beforehand with some matches then invest them into another game. As there are many natural factors that can come in the way of your game and change you betting odds like rain.injuries, player's weak performance, and so on.

5. Always analyze beforehand only the football match even before it starts, and if you wish to watch a live match we prefer you to go through our website details.

Betchips- football betting secrets for placing multiple bets

We are no.1 online sports betting website in India which accept all types of payment methods like PayTm, PhonePay, Google Pay, IMPS, NEFT, and many more.

The secret as such is noting in a football match but you need to know some things that to be taken care of while placing multiple bets. Always remember nobody is mastered in online betting. Stop losing money online in a single bet at betchips instead go for multiple bets online on a single platform.

Check several times before placing a football bet online and then monitor the performance of that bet. In other words, online betting is just a simple technique if you have your own technique or strategy to bet on sports. If you intend to earn more out of it then you should always go for betting at betchips .in with your won betting strategy and tips.

Bet on Cricket Online with Accurate Betting Tips | Betchips

By Admin 02/Jun/2020

We welcome you all to betchips sporting betting platform where you will find its a home that discerns various sports like cricket, tennis, horse race, and many online live games. If you wish you can start online bet on cricket at our platform with the proper guidance of our live streaming of the game which you will love without any cost. That's why we are hard to deliver the most updated news fresh off the gaming pitch, which includes all the latest match reviews, forthcoming fixtures, most wanted players and their form of playing, and much more.

Online cricket match news

Spotlight events such as the ashes match. One day internationals, 20-20 internationals and champion league are all reviewed right here at bet chips-online cricket betting platform. In upcoming months you would get more chances to earn a lot of amount from online betting as betting with us can offer you great opportunity to earn more especially at ICC champion games held this year.

Cricket is becoming popular day by day in India since,1844. The first cricket match was played between Australia and England. In India, the first test match was played in 1932. CK Nayudu was the best Indian batsman during that time. There is an immense amount of money in this game and people are aware of the chances of winning some of this amount by wagering on different cricket matches.

Know more:- How to bet on cricket online at betchips

Online cricket betting site-betchips provide the best opportunity in regards as people don't have to even leave their home for this betting purposes. The diverse amount of matches played in cricket bet live and its growing popularity makes this sport around the world the best place for betting punters who don't have to worry about the limits to their choices. Betting on cricket has even become easier with greater accuracy of betting odds available on betting websites.

We will all bring to you the latest news on all the top players so that you can study their form of playing and play on your bets as the seasons' progress. You can also follow us on betchips Telegram group and we make sure that you are updated with all activities of the best betting live news with 100% accurate betting tips. To make your sports even more rewarding this year,  we will help you to keep your finger on the right cricket pulse meaning you can put your hand in your wallet with greater confidence.

The simple procedure of betchips for online betting

If we look back to the procedure of the online betting site, users don't have to undergo any physical hassles in betting on our site. They just have to get registered on our site and start betting on any of their favourite cricket matches. As registration is mandatory it is also necessary to follow rules and regulations that users have to comply with all these requirements. Of late, the Indian sports betting industry which has started implementing strict rules on betting sites ensures the accuracy of the procedure and tries to improve levels of transparency. This industry also helps in boosting the popularity and reputation of an online betting site.

Following is the simple procedure in betchips to bet online

1. Sign up betchips

2. Fill the required data

3. Get the OTP for login account

4. Submit the OTP

5. Finally, get your user name and password

6. Login to the page and fill the user name and password

7. Deposit minimum 1000/- rs in your betchips account

8. Select your favourite sports and place your multiple bets

9. Monitor your performance and result.

Users enjoy many benefits of online betting on betchips site. As they are not aware of the procedure they tend to make small mistakes in the betting process. In case of a lack of information about our betting website or if there are any signup and login please contact our technical team. You can get satisfied with our help or information on betting on cricket in an easy and efficient manner. So, just start betting on an excellent betting platform. To avoid all the problems on online betting our site displays a large number of tips and tricks regarding the process of betting cricket. Betchips also, provide YouTube video tutorials and footage from sign up and login process. Users can use this method for quick problem-solving.

Betchips- Accurate betting tips

We are also provide betting tips for our regular customers only. If any user wants to be part of our membership we welcome them. We offer all of the membership benefits at a reliable price in India.

Features of our cricket betting platform

There are following features of betchips online betting

1. The online betting site has become the main betchips platform for betting on cricket as they have removed all the hassles involved during the process

2. The first option of our betting site is the selection of live betting odds for a single cricket match. This could be a test match or one day which makes you examine the odds and calculate for the particular event

3. If a user is interested in betting in a test match between India and Pakistan, he/she can directly visit our site to calculate the odds present in that particular event

4. There no need for any knowledge and understanding of these odds at betchips- online betting site as they are safer and are calculated according to modern computer software terms and policies

5,. We are offering our services from 2008, and this means that all of our services represent the accuracy and give winning results whether the games are small or large.

6. Our multiple betting odd feature is very popular in the betting market as it is mostly followed in betchips and now at Telegram also.

7. As we offer our services mostly in India, but all of our international users also bet on our site. You can easily select one betting odd for a day of the test match and another betting odd on another day. So start betting online now!

8. Betchips online betting site gives you number discount and bonuses on the different type of betting and so the users can save without hurting their betting membership plans

Bet on Cricket online now

We don't want you to miss the fun and excitement of cricket betting, so we request you checkout our betchips sports site for all the latest betting matches played. Enjoy every season and wager on your favourite bets. It's a live betting platform in India to play, win and earn on any games.

Tennis Betting Rules | Why Tennis is So Hot Game in India?

By Admin 11/Apr/2020

Tennis betting rules Betchips share online. Find our sports betting site online and start betting on the tennis game. I used to be a first-class Indian tennis betting site Betchips for online tennis betting, a football college team, a ping pong junior high school team, a badminton and basketball college team, and a fan of volleyball, snooker, chess and other sports. I love watching sports. Why do I think online tennis is so popular? I want to share with you the perspective of the tennis game. If you are not right, please write a comment below to make your point.

1. The table tennis (also called table tennis) court is too small and the speed of the ball is too fast, but in online tennis game you can play in your computer and also, mobile phones. The essence of table tennis rotation is also unfortunately not appreciated by the audience due to the small field and fastball speed. This is also a small ball, the audience can also know what spin shot the player has taken based on the white ball's trend. One player's wrist spun explosively, and the other made a mistake because of eating and turning. Because the action was too small, the general audience could not see it, only the players on both sides could feel it. And for the English billiard because all the betting rules is on English and the privacy is also. Looking for tennis betting online you can prefer Betchips betting platform. you can watch live tennis betting, the game is visible.

2. The ball in front of the badminton net is exquisite and exquisite. It is good to watch on the spot in mobile phones. Unfortunately, TV viewers can't see how accurate the net is. And the tennis ball, although not as delicate as badminton, but because of the large court, players need to chase the ball at full speed, and the TV audience can enjoy it. Internet is a matter in online tennis betting check your net connection also when you bet online in India's most popular betting site - Betchips.

3. Tennis can play both volley and bouncing. It is a combination of table tennis and badminton. This unique feature has given it access to Internet tactics and the corresponding tactics and strategies, which are highly ornamental.

4. Break Point of tennis is equivalent to the goal of football. Breaking, especially in men's tennis, is the equivalent of a football goal, which is an especially exciting time. The basketball scored too many goals, and there was no critical moment to stimulate it. Coincidentally, the number of breaks in tennis rules for dummies is close to the number of shots in football games online, and the number of successful breaks is also close to the number of goals scored by football.

5. The set of tennis rules are also close to the half-time of football. It seems that it is difficult to not want to do sports only in football. Tennis has the advantage of serving twice, which makes it as accidental as football,  but in online games don't worry related to the accident. All the programs is available online via the Internet. It is normal to beat the top 5 in the 100th place online in the game, but know all of the information and methods to play tennis games. The unpredictability of this result not only has suspense but also boosts the gaming economy. Would you like to watch a table tennis badminton match with a 99% loss over the top 100? Start betting online at Betchips platform.

However, the live tennis spectators can only speak at the dead ball which is the biggest weakness of the popularization of this second sport. The simplest way to bet online in Betchips betting site. I have tried to solve all the beginner's problems in a single post that understand and bet on the tennis game!

Go live Click Here and register yourself in the betting site and start earning money online in betting games. Enjoy playing a tennis game.



SignUp Betchips Now→

Online Black Rummy Gaming Platform - Casino | Betchips

By Admin 11/Apr/2020

Since I posted a few inside stories about the online gaming platform in the India at Betchips, many friends kept me private and asked some related questions - black rummy gaming about the best betting platform. I have responded one by one, and I am also glad to help some friends who are addicted to online casino gambling. Let everyone see the routine of this live casino platform at Betchips. Here I still want to thank my friend, If there is a lot of information provided by him, I believe many people don't know - rummy gaming platform that there are so many shady things in it ...

Today, I will continue to dig deeper into the live gambling platform, the dirtiest, the most unscrupulous, and the endless group: black disk! !!

What is an online black rummy? Let's start with simplicity.

Everyone knows that our gaming platform in India is legal in some state, because the local government has approved formal gaming licenses (only entities, not live casino gaming), and the India National Government has also approved more than 50 gaming licenses (basically allowing online casino games), Most of these licenses are in the hands of Chinese people.

Although the India government has only approved more than 15 gaming licenses, there are as many as thousands of gaming markets in the India like - online black rummy!

These thousands of markets are divided into two types:-

One: regular trading, with a formal license, or authorized operation, taxes are required, and employees must go through formal labor procedures such as visas.

Read More Post:- How to win online casino long bets?

Second: without any authorization, operates in a black box alone, and most of them will not apply for a visa because they have to pay taxes.

Features of the Betting Market - Online Black Rummy Gaming:-

The cost is small, the profit is high, and the risk is high. Usually they hide in the villa area and sneak open on the island!

There are not too many workers in India, and 7-8 people can start to operate. Their standard configuration is: personnel (occasionally acting as customer service), game programmers (will analyze domain names, and basic website maintenance), promoters, there are three types of people to start running!

The operating cost of online black rummy gaming is extremely best websites and apps at Betchips, Adding up, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be opened, purely Go pull customers into the market.

A black disk with a little financial strength, will apply for a high-paying SEO black hat, use the technology of the station group to improve Betchips betting platform to win lot of money from betting.

Most of these black rummy will not allow customers to withdraw cash, especially if you win! Whether you can successfully withdraw money depends on the analysis of you by betting site like Betchips

If you know that the client has money to invest, you will apply to the supervisor for the client to withdraw. 

Know How to Open Easily an Online Betting Account in India.

The amount of withdrawal too large money from Betchips betting account. If the online betting site you find that you can't squeeze the betting games like - cricket, tennis, football, and many more games. You can sign up now and win lot of the money in a single bets - Click Here.

Why is an online black rummy gaming platform in the India more secure?

Because it is too hidden, secure and many of the programmers live and changes all of the location of the online betting software games platform. And the customers are from India, If searching betting sites then local government of the India cannot investigate them one by one because some of the games are legal in India. You can bet online in casino games also.

Features of the Betchips - Online Rummy Gaming Platform:-

The existence of online games, whether it is player participation, or a boss or a candidate, is extremely dangerous if more amount you can bet & win in a single chance. So, here some of the important points of the our online rummy platform.

Mobile and Computer Applications:-

Players want to win money on the black rummy games in casino? That's impossible in a single chance. If lucky then you can win and withdraw money from betting site using PayTM, which means that dog push judges that you will continue to invest more.

Own Boss in Online Games:-

The boss opened a casino market and involved less fraud, because you always choose best sports betting site like - Betchips. If in the India receives a report, it will also investigate, so it is very troublesome if any betting site fraud!

Easy and Secure Deposits and Withdrawals with 24/7 Help:-

In Betchips - gaming platform customers can withdraw money from their own account anytime from anywhere by using PhonePay and PayTM. In regular clients, we offer advanced services to raise and increase money with us. 

So, If you want to make money by online with casino betting games at Betchips then you can register now at any time. Most of the customers are using our betting platform because we are regular in the market. 


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Open Easily an Online Betting Account in India | Betchips

By Admin 30/Jul/2020

Registration free at Betchips sports platform. Open easily an online betting account in India. It is the most popular sports betting site that offers all types of game-like - casino, cricket, tennis, basketball, horse racing, football, and many other games.

Opening an online betting account at Betchips -

First you can identified a betting site in India like - Betchips. Then you can go to your browser and type then hit enter button from your keyboard.

You can also, Click Here to visit Betchips easily online betting platform. So, let's come to know the signing process of the Betchips betting site.

There are following simple steps to sign up Betchips and open easily your account:-

Step 1.

Visit now then you can fill require data like -

          Name - Rahul Panday

          Mobile Number - +91- XXXXXXXXXX

          Email ID -

          Password - Abcd@123

Then hit Request OTP button.

Note :- Verify that you’re 18 or older

You can get one-time password and open your mobile and fill a one-time password (OTP) in the next panel of your browser. Then you can get your user ID and Password on your screen.  Congratulations! You are registered in Betchips - an online betting platform.

Step 2.

Fill your detail in login page -

          User ID - AB12345

          Password - Abcd@123

Note :- Read the Betchips FAQ terms and conditions, because it is important for a new user. Users understand all of points.      

Step 3.

After completed login, you can go to your profile and edit your Betchips account info. You can also, change your password. Remember your user ID and password for the future or note down.

Step 4.

Deposit fund through PayTM, PhonePay, Google Pay, IMPS, Debit, and Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Generally, we use advanced method for security, your winnings money will be paid to using your same account like if you use PhonePay we send all of your winning money in your PhonePay account directly.

If you want to bet online at Betchips then you can deposit a minimum of 3000 Rs. It is a specific minimum amount for a betting site. So, let's come to the final point.

Steps 5.

When you deposit money in Betchips account then you start placing your bets online from your device like Mobile, Tablet or Computer. You can check how much betting value of the game. Also, track you deposit money in your Betchips account. You can withdraw your money at an any-time from any-where online.

Open Easily Betchips Betting Account :

Betchips welcome offers:-

If you start betting with us, then we offer a welcome bonus to our new user. Like free bets with 3000 Rs. If, you are selected users. All worth information you can provide if you selected then we completing your free bets.

Betchips unique features from others -

· Trustworthiness betting site in India.

· Bonuses and promotions for new users.

· Odds and betting selection options.

· Banking options like - PhonePay, PayTM, IMPS, Google Pay, NEFT, and many more.

· Customer support 24/7 with technical.

· Betchips betting apps.

· Live score and betting tips

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How to Win Online Casino Long Bets?

By Admin 11/Apr/2020

If you say that a thousand is too small but, a regular casino won’t. Casino wins by probability, such as Sic Bo game, three dice, bet size, 4-10 is small, 11- 17 is big. If you bet correctly, you will win money. Sic Bo has a kind of round dice, the three dice have the same points, and the casino passes through. The probability of the round dice appearing is 2.8%, then the probability of large and small appearing is 48.6%. Casinos rely on this 2.8% probability. If the gambler you choose long casino bets 1 Dollar per round, the casino will win 2.8 Dollars for 100 rounds. With thousands of gamblers, the casino will win countless money. To prevent a unique, The money gambler made a big bet once and ran away, causing the casino to go bankrupt (such as Bill Gates's whim and betting on tens of billions just to win in casino again). The casino will set a betting cap, which is safe. Even if the gambler may be lucky to win money for a while, in the long run, he will still lose to the probability.

Introduction of the Online Casino Bets:-

In an unlimited number of casino games, the gambler will lose 2.8% of the money, which is called long-term gambling must lose. So, is there a way to win long? Of course, there is, and the method is very simple. If you win, you win 1, you win 1 Dollar. If you lose, you win 1 Dollar + 1 Dollar, which is 2 Dollar.

If we win, we still win 1 Dollar. If we lose, we lose 1 + 1 + 2 = 3 Dollar, then bet 4 Dollar in the next game. If we win, we still win 1 Dollar. After winning 1 Dollar, bet 1 Dollar again. This method is definitely a long-term casino betting because as long as you win 1 round, you will win 1 Dollar. In an infinite number of gambling, the probability of winning 1 time is 1, then using this method, 100% will win money Yes, I call this long-term betting for winning more money.

Then bet 1 Dollar in the first game, bet 2 Dollar in the losing game, and 4 Dollar in the losing game. We will find that when losing 10 games in a row, we need to bet 1024 Dollar and bet 1024 Dollar and 1 Dollar. If you win 100 Dollar and go, bet more than 100,000. Are you not afraid to lose 200,000 in the next game?

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If you lose 20 games in a row, wouldn't you bet 1 million? Bet 1 million just to win 1 Dollar? If you want to win 100 Dollar, you have to bet 100 million, not to mention that the gambler has so much capital. At this time, you have already exceeded the casino betting limit, so this method will not win money at all, let alone a long time. The bet will win, it won't be long.

So I changed the method. I used a number sequence, such as 1,1,1. Each time I added the first number and the last number in this sequence, and then bet it. Like 1,1,1, it was to bet 2 Dollar. If you win, then cross out the two numbers before and after, the sequence becomes 1. At this time, you will bet 1 Dollar. If you win, you will cross out 1. I win this sequence, and I win 3. If you lose, write the amount of money you lost at the end of the sequence. The sequence becomes 1,1,1,2. At this time, you will be charged 3 Dollar. If you lose, write 3 to the back and the sequence becomes 1. 1,1,2,3.

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This strategy is well understood. Each time you win, you cross out two numbers and lose one more number. As long as the winning rate is greater than 1/3, you can guarantee long-term gambling betting process, and the number you increase each time is not very large, even if you lose. For 10 innings, you only need to bet a few dozen Dollar.

Even if you lose 20 innings and 30 innings, you only need to bet one or two hundred Dollar. There will never be a case of spending one thousand Dollar or even one Million Dollar Winning Strategy.

So I took this method and watched it in the casino for about ten days, about one thousand rounds a day. I do not bet, I only record the result of each casino games online open. I virtual bet every time because I change the bet. Note that the result is meaningless, it is half and half anyway. I record the results in an Excel table so that there will be a curve in the table that keeps rising and falling. I make a worksheet for every 1000 innings and observe tens of thousands of innings. I find that this method is indeed a win-win situation strategy. Occasionally it will decrease slightly, but it will soon be increased. The increase rate is slow and fixed. On a large scale, that curve is like a straight line, fixed at winning money in casino game, and on average, it can win 1.1 Dollars per round.

However, there are two problems with this method. One is that the winning is not fast enough, the curve always rises slowly, and the other is that it will encounter consecutive losses. At this time, you need to raise and it will decline. So I improved the method and bet on both side's winner and loser side. Because both sides bet at the same time, when the big side loses, the small side wins.

Since the winning percentages of both sides are much greater than 1/3, the two sides will win together. If both sides bet at the same time, two will rise slowly at the same time, and the increase will increase even more. Sure enough, I did not expect. From a large perspective, the winning curve of betting and the winning curve of betting are almost the same.

If the two overlap, the overall winning curve will be steeper, that is to say The rate of earning money has really doubled. You can win twice as much money each time, which means that on average you can win about 2.2 Dollar! !! !! And when one side loses continuously and results in a decline, the other side is winning in casino, the total curve will only see the rising speed faster and the falling speed slower.

The bet required for sports betting will not be much larger, just bet 1 Dollar to bet 2 Dollar. When one side loses continuously and needs to increase the bet, the other side will win continuously. To win, you only need to bet 1 Dollar each time. That is to say, one side will always win, and not both sides will lose.

You only need to bet 1 Dollar each time. This strategy of betting in sports game on both sides is an excellent strategy. If we assume that the probability of opening big and opening small is fixed at 50%, and we fixed 1 Dollar on both sides each time, then we will never lose money.

At this time I thought, since I can bet at the same time, can I bet on both the single and the double at the same time, I tried it, and it turned out that the speed of winning money in casino game has become 4 times, but the problem comes. When I lose money, It appears that both sides lose at the same time.

Originally, there would be only one consecutive loss and the other would win consecutively. However, because the size and the single and double do not conflict, the situation of continuous loss will occur too much, and the situation is not good. So I still only bet on the size.

"Gambling is a Sequence."

But after tens of thousands of rounds of observations, I found that the biggest problem with this strategy is that you can't avoid continuous loss. If you continue to lose, the bottom of the waveform chart will be very deep. This can't be escaped.

When you do not play, continue to play another day, then the same result is still connected. You will only have one sequence in your life, and it will not be divided into many because you do not play it again. Number series, if you stop when you lose 9 times in a row, and come again the next day, the probability of losing next time is still half, there will still be 10 consecutive casino games.

I have been winning money at a fixed rate and I have never lost, but I think that I may always run into a huge losing streak, resulting in I lose, so when exactly does this losing streak occur?

So I asked a friend to write a program. The program can set the initial sequence. You can enter a sequence such as 1,2,3, and then enter the number of rounds and the number of simulations. The problem is solved. The program can be simulated once.

After the analysis of sports betting game, I found a problem. Since there are very few consecutive losses, in the millions of bets, there may be a continuous loss of 10,000 games, or a continuous loss of 100,000 games, or even a loss of 100,000 games.

Millions of games are all lost, so the calculation results are very different, but most of the results show that if you want to win a certain amount of money, the required principal is several times to ten times, or even dozens of times, so if you want to win 100 Dollar a day, you must prepare a few thousand Dollar.

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If the required principal is 10 times the profit, bring 1,000 Dollar into the casino and win when you win 100 Dollar, but when you come back tomorrow, it will be linked with yesterday's results, and will eventually be repeated indefinitely. In the casino gambling game, there is bound to be a big loss, and the principal curve will fall into a big valley, which will never be won back.

I just have to stop gambling before appears, not stop playing today and come again tomorrow, but stop forever, never play again in a lifetime, or the next result will be linked to the previous result, You will still lose, so you can only gamble once in your life!

Either stop when you win a fixed amount of money, or stop when you lose a fixed amount of money. Otherwise, since the principal required to win a fixed amount of money is many times the profit, although this method will win if you bet for a long time, you must have enough principal to "must win", but the principal is always greater than the Bullish, so it will reach 0 earlier, and the Betchips Betting Apps will come earlier.

I continue to study, when a trough appears, can I stop adding money when the total bet is greater than a certain amount, forcibly cross out the entire sequence and try again, so that I can avoid constant raises, continuous big loses, and special loses, Unfortunately, if you do not continue to raise at this time, the money you lost before will not be able to win back.

This will result in the bottom of the valley not being able to rise quickly, and you must rise slowly again. In the end, you may win, but you can only win very much. And my observation of tens of thousands of rounds, as opposed to the gambling of infinite rounds, is just fortunate that there is no huge losing streak. If you really want to gamble, bring a fixed amount of money in robo betting.

Do not bet anymore after losing, do not bet all your life, otherwise you will still lose, because probability, because all the casino betting games rounds in life are just a sequence, if there is not another day, change to a sequence.

It will run when not, any Luck is just a cloud in the face of probability. Therefore, if you lose a thousand innings, you must withdraw permanently, so that you cannot continue to lose money, or set a goal to win money.

When you win a certain number of withdrawals, do not bet for life, otherwise, you will re-output the money. Go, but the goal of winning money is determined by the principal. So in the end I finally came to the conclusion that although there is a so-called long-term gamble, you must win.

It must be long enough, and you must have enough principal to recover that losing streak, and also pray not to lose to the betting limit, otherwise Can't win back. Moreover, you can only bet once in your lifetime.


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